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Wikipedia on Hunter's Civic Biology - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
Speaking of Wikipedia, and following up on the interview with John West by Forbes contributor Jerry Bowyer that I wrote about a little earlier, I was curious what the online encyclopedia does with Civic Biology, the 1914 textbook at the heart of the ...

'We're sleepwalking into a mass extinction' say scientists - Science Daily

Science Daily
The researchers, from the University of York, the University of Bath and Oxford University Museum of Natural History have published a study in Communications Biology, examining the patterns of diversity change across the evolutionary tree of the ...

Günter Blobel Solved a Mystery of Cell Biology: How Proteins Navigate the Body - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
It was “one of the great experiments in the history of biology,” said James Rothman, chairman of the department of cell biology at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Blobel's Nobel Prize came with an award equivalent to about $960,000. He donated it for ...

Sound new technique tunes into the shifting shapes of biology ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists have come up with a novel way of quantifying cell shapes -- with a lot of mathematics and a little musical inspiration.

What lava lamps and vinaigrette can teach us about cell biology -
Their instructors at the Marine Biological Laboratory asked them to decipher how pellets of RNA and protein called P granules form in worm embryos — a tall order given how long the structures had flummoxed biologists. Yet as soon as Courson and Moore ...

Flora And Fauna - Plantae

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Flora And Fauna - Plantae [ 1-20 of 10,655]

Wild Flower About 300,000 wild flower plant species have so far been identified, while tens of thousands more remain undescribed. ...

South Africa

Plantae is a specialist nursery dedicated to the growing of orchids and rare & unusual plants. We offer a wide ...

Geum urbanum
United Kingdom

Several photographs of the Wood Avens, also known as Herb Bennet, and a description of the plant.

Phylum Anthocerotophyta
United States

Provides a classification of the hornworts at the rank of genus and above.


Photograph, classification, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of rampion bellflower.

Moss Bioreactor

Information on the use of Physcomitrella patens in bioreactors to produce human proteins.


Photograph, classification, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of upright yellow sorrel.

Ambrosia trifida
United States

Great Ragweed.

Dutch Rush: Equisetum hyemale
United Kingdom

Several photographs of this species and a description of its main features.

Jatropha Seeds
United States

Suppliers and exporters of jatropha curcas seeds from India. Offers guidance on the plantation and tissue culture research.


General information, distribution and habitat.


Diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of the Indian pea.


Photograph, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of branched horsetail.


Classification, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of Algerian ivy.

Asimina triloba
United States

Information on Pawpaws and their cultivation from Purdue University.

Begonia nelumbiifolia
United States

General information and classification.

Avenca - Adiantum capillus-veneris
United States

Database entry contains lists of common names and phytochemicals, and details of ethnobotanical uses.

Asplenium australasicum
United States

Bird's Nest Fern, photo and text from Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge, Far North Queensland, Australia.

United States

Identification and control of the invasive water plant in Texas.

Festuca of North America

Common names of fescue grasses, the place of valid publication of the name, location of type specimens, synonymy, morphology, anatomy, ...

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Flora And Fauna - Plantae [ 1-20 of 10,655]