Biology News
Dr. Ming Liu joins ChemPartner as Vice President and Head of Biology and Pharmacology - PR Newswire (press release)

PR Newswire (press release)
"We are excited to have Dr. Liu joining ChemPartner and leading our Biology and Pharmacology department. His expertise in his field and long history in the biopharmaceutical industry is a great asset to our team. His experience and thoughtful ...

Biology Class Builds Research Skills, Autonomy in Underclassmen - Drexel Now

Drexel Now
“Since we only meet two times a week, we're trying to simulate a true laboratory experience or research experience,” said Edward Waddell, a PhD candidate and adjunct professor in the Department of Biology within the College of Arts and Sciences at ...

Marine biology program producing successful graduates from IPFW's Fort Wayne campus - News Sentinel

News Sentinel
The key figure has been Professor Frank V. Paladino, the Jack W. Schrey Distinguished Professor of Biology at IPFW and the president of the nonprofit organization The Leatherback Trust, which based in Fort Wayne and works to save leatherback and other ...

CCC biology professor overcomes obstacles, finds success - Columbus Telegram

Columbus Telegram
Dr. Lauren Gillespie, biological sciences instructor at Central Community College, holds up her eastern bluebird specimens used for her research on how the color of the feathers determine the hormone levels of the birds and how it affects their behaviors.

The Biology of Disinformation: Interview with Rushkoff, Pescovitz, and Dunagan - Boing Boing

Boing Boing
Over at Mondo 2000, our old pal RU Sirius interviewed Douglas Rushkoff, Jake Dunagan, and I about the "The Biology of Disinformation," a new research paper we wrote for Institute for the Future about how media viruses, bots and computational propaganda ...

Flora And Fauna - Plantae

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Flora And Fauna - Plantae [ 141-160 of 10,655]

Photographs and information about many species of grape hyacinth. Includes an overview of the taxonomy of the genus.

Allium cernuum

Photographs of nodding onion plants and flowers.

United States

Offers general information, classification and historical data.

Cladium jamaicense
United States

Ecological profile, technical description, bibliography and extensive information on the relation of fire to this species, also called "sawgrass." From ...

Ricinus communis
United States

Photographs and information on the castor bean.

United States

Physical features, range, and dendrochronology of the Mexican Cypress. Includes taxonomic notes and photos.


Botanical description of this family of plants and shrubs, now classified as Apiaceae, with illustrations and technical drawings of a ...


Photographs, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of golden Alison.

United States

Several photographs of this species.

South Africa

Photographs and information on this semi-desert species, its biology and cultivation.

United Kingdom

A genus of four species with a circum-Antarctic distribution, extending into the mountainous tropics. Description of C. nitens and its ...

The Platycerium Site
South Africa

Images of many species and cultivation notes.

United States

Photos of Anubias nana and information pertaining to use in aquaria.

Echinocereus triglochidiatus
United States

Photographs and description of the Hedgehog or Claret Cup Cactus and information on its habitat and range.

Physalis heterophylla: Clammy Groundcherry
United States

Photographs of various stages in the growth of this perennial plant, with its description and identifying characteristics.

Pinus strobiformis
United States

Includes distribution and occurrence, botanical and ecological characteristics, value and use, and fire ecology.

Quercus kelloggii
United States

Distribution and occurrence, value and use, characteristics, and fire ecology.

Pachypodium lamerei
United States

General information and classification.


Photograph, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of sweet chestnut.


Diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of Algerian oak.

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Flora And Fauna - Plantae [ 141-160 of 10,655]