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Deep learning for biology -
Finkbeiner's success highlights how deep learning, one of the most promising branches of artificial intelligence (AI), is making inroads in biology. The algorithms are already infiltrating modern life in smartphones, smart speakers and self-driving ...

The Biochemistry of Beer: Why the Source of Sugar Matters - Inverse

This is one of the simplest and oldest biochemical processes on the planet. But before that transformation is possible, you need the sugar itself. Sugar is one of the most important substances in nature. The competition for it, the complex interplay of ...

Programming a DNA Clock - Scientific American

Scientific American
Nature is a master at constructing biological machines and circuits, including the ones that maintain the body's internal clock, copy genes or help cells move. Now human engineers are learning to design and synthesize novel biochemical devices such as ...

Florida Nature

Tallahassee - United States

Guide to discovering the flowers, trees, reptiles, mammals, spiders, and fungi that make Florida an incredible corner for nature research and photography.

Florida Nature: Reduviidae (Assassin Bugs)
United States

See images of Flordia Arilus cristatus (wheel bug) and Zelus longipes (assassin bug) as well as pictures of assassin bugs yet to be identified.

Nature's Secrets: What is the Most Common Species in Southwest Florida?
United States

A newspaper article about tardigrades from the Herald Tribune of Southwest Florida.

NATURE: The Nature of Sex
United States

Companion to the PBS show. Learn how a variety of animals find their mates and conceive, raise, and protect their offspring.

Grasshoppers of Florida
United States

Provides identification keys, ecological and biological information, photographs, maps, species descriptions, life cycles and habitat descriptions.

Florida's Gulfarium
United States

Fort Walton Beach. Visitor information, live marine shows, and sections devoted entirely to dolphins and summer camp for kids. Includes searchable online database.

Marineland of Florida
United States

Marineland near St. Augustine. Includes visitor information, show schedule, exhibit list, dolphin encounter and diving program summary, and individual animal stories.

United States

Photographs and a description of two snails in this family, Zachrysia provisoria and Caracolus marginellus.

United States

Information on these slugs, their biology and identification, with a key and illustrations.

Cornus florida
United States

Flowering dogwood. Includes distribution and occurrence, botanical and ecological characteristics, value and use, and fire ecology.

Cornus florida
United States

Description, constituents and medicinal uses of American boxwood.