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'Astounding' survey of fly species suggests we might be underestimating global biodiversity -
A University of Calgary entomologist recently participated in a landmark study that revealed just how much we don't know about the number and variety of species that inhabit our planet. John Swann was one of 59 biologists who spent one year collecting ...

Fly Orchid

San Francisco - United States

Information from Wikipedia on Ophrys insectifera, with a photograph.

Lizard Orchid
United States

Information from Wikipedia on this tall orchid, Himantoglossum hircinum.

Burnt Orchid
United States

Information from Wikipedia on Neotinea ustulata, sometimes classified as Orchis ustulata, with a photograph.

Orchid House, The

Includes FAQ, culture notes, and more.

Orchid Greenhouse
United States

Information and articles on cultivating orchids. Includes a forum, downloads, eCards, and more.

United States

Photography and links to cultivation info. Identify an orchid and be credited on the page.

United States

Smithsonian Institution exhibit tracking the progress of how these beautiful plants were discovered, collected in the wild, transported, cultivated, hybridized, propagated, and finally mass-marketed to orchid lovers everywhere.

Orchid Digest
United States

Quarterly magazine promoting conservation and culture of orchids. Subscription available online.

Frog Orchid
United States

Information from Wikipedia on Coeloglossum viride, sometimes classified as Dactylorhiza viridis, with a photograph of a single flower.

Orchid Photos
United States

From AOS judging and private collections. Plus an interactive hybrid demonstration.

Taxonomy of the Orchid Family
United States

Follows the classification system of Robert Louis Dressler, which is widely accepted by botanists and growers.