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Through the lens of black health - Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette
This is one in a series of profiles showcasing some of Harvard's stellar graduates. Tania Fabo '18 started at Harvard University with clear scientific goals: pre-med with a focus on stem cell and cancer biology. Then, along the way, she discovered ...

FDA Drafts 'Streamlined Nonclinical Program' on Drugs for Chronic Hematologic Disorders - Regulatory Focus

Regulatory Focus
The new 7-page draft guidance separates nonclinical evaluation studies for SDLTHDs into nine categories—pharmacology, safety pharmacology, general toxicology, genotoxicity, reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity, immunotoxicity, photosafety testing ...

Genetic transcription 'pause' is focus of NASA grant - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
Charles Danko, assistant professor of genetics and molecular biology at the Baker Institute for Animal Health, will investigate that question with a three-year, $790,000 grant from NASA's Exobiology program. “NASA is interested in understanding how ...

FOCUS Biomolecules

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania - United States

Cutting Edge Biomolecules backed by Knowledge, Experience and unparalleled Customer and Technical Support. We have a large and expanding catalog of small molecule reagents for targeting the following areas:
* Stem Cells
* Cell Biology
* Transcription Factors
* Kinase Inhibition
* Ubiquitin/Proteasome
* Cellular Stress
* Chemical Genomics
* Bioactive Lipids
* Gene Regulation/Nuclear Receptors
* Ion Channels
* Epigenetics
* Second Messengers
* Orphan Receptors

Ancient Biomolecules
United Kingdom

Publishes articles about the discovery of previously undetected molecules in ancient biological material, stability studies, characterization of decay products and pathways. Full articles available at a fee from Ingenta.

Synthetic Biomolecules
United States

Synthetic Biomolecules is a full service custom peptide supplier. Our company provides a wide range of peptide products, from research scale of 1 mg to multi-gram quantity, in varying degree of purity. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality of peptides at the best price and the quickest turn around time. Synthetic Biomolecules tailors its services to the individual needs of customers. Emphasis is placed providing high qual

Biology Links: Biomolecules
United States

DNA, RNA, and protein sequence and structure databases.

Focus on the Dhole

ZooNooz article on dholes, and why they are known as whistling dogs.

Nature web focus: RNAi
United States

Online review of RNA Interference biological phenomena. Includes citations of recent research publications, RNAi animations, and science news articles.

Nature Web Focus: The Chimpanzee Genome
United States

Collection of articles, papers, and video studying the nature of chimps and exploring the similarities and differences between our genetic makeups.

Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems - Focus 1 Homepage

The ecosystem physiology program within the Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems Core project. Includes details of the program, conferences, publications and science highlights.