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Batter Up As Pro Yakyuu Famista Evolution Sprints To Home Base ... - Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life
It's time to dust off your favourite slugger and head onto the field because Bandai Namco is bringing the Yakyuu Famista series to Nintendo Switch in the form of Yakyuu Famista Evolution. It's currently only slated for a Japanese release, but since its ...
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House to home: Add some dazzle to rustic setting - Worcester Telegram

Worcester Telegram
Ask your guests to bring framed photos of your parents at past get-togethers that will conjure up happy memories. Set these out around the room so that everyone can enjoy them. If you are looking for inspiration on making a glamourous presentation ...

Rosalyn Dance and Alfonso Lopez: Saving battlefields protects our history and environment - Virginian-Pilot

Preserved battlefields are home to endangered and threatened plants and animals, and support the watersheds upon which this diversity of flora and fauna depends. When a battlefield parcel is saved as open space, its conservation complements its ...


Stanford - United States

Distributed client aimed at using idle CPU power via a screen saver to help simulate protein folding.

United States

It is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.

Structure with Folding and Design

Monthly publication of papers, back to 1994, on structural investigations in cell and molecular biology. PDF and full text subscription options from Cell Press.

Everyone Needs A Home
United States

Forum dedicated to reducing the number of homeless domestic animals by spreading the word about spaying and neutering, adopting from shelters, and general animal well-being.

United Kingdom

Designed on the model of SETI@home, this project makes evolutionary data available for download to, and analysis on, personal computers. Splitting up the work among a variety of machines results in faster results generation.

United Kingdom

Web-based volunteer project to digitize and catalog museum and university herbarium collections held in the UK.

Ak's Page Away From Home
United States

Designed by a high school biology teacher. Lots of information and fun experiences such as labs performed with kids and their daily homework.

United States

Distributed computing project to understand the genome by reverse engineering new protein sequences for existing folds. Led by the Pande Group at Stanford University.

Ladybugs in the Home
United States

Features descriptions of the Asian lady beetle and suggestions for management.

Tapirback's Home
United States

Contains information on Tapirs with a picture gallery and a preservation fund.

Slider Home

Dedicated to this small green turtle with red strips. Includes information on housing, feeding, and general care.