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How a Dallas artist is using watercolor fauna and flora, sculpture to examine a century of war - Dallas News

Dallas News
Cynthia Mulcahy didn't want to be inside a gallery anymore, so she walked away from a career as a private art dealer. Her recent work as a conceptual artist includes 2012's Seventeen Hundred Seeds, a nature-based public art project that created a ...

'In the Garden' blooms at Stonewall Gallery -
Yet there's more to this season's “In the Garden,” juried by regional artist Brian Payne, than the usual arrangement of eclectic flora and fauna artwork throughout the store's Stonewall Gallery. Thanks to a wide-open theme of “art about or for the ...

Seabourn Ovation: A New Luxury Ship Doubles As An Art Gallery - Forbes

A series of gorgeous 19th-century prints that reflect the real and imaginary natural world of diverse flora and fauna habitats are captivating. Four works by French artist Jérôme Cavailles are inspired by the cabinets of curiosity popular in previous ...

Foram Gallery

Sunnyvale - United States

A collection of photographs of members of the Foramenifera with information about each.

Clownfish Gallery - Jeff's Nudibranch Site and Coral Reef Gallery
United States

Featuring photos of clownfish, a.k.a. anemonefish, from the waters surrounding the Philippine Islands.

Graphics Gallery
United States

Cellular division, proliferation and processes, including chromosomes and biological engineering, from the About Biotech learning resource of the National Health Museum, USA.

Mantella Gallery
United States

Photos of numerous undescribed species of Mantellas.

Bee Gallery
United States

Photographs of Bombus jonellus, Lasioglossum albipes and Bombus pascuorum.

Sharks Gallery
Russian Federation

Photos of sharks with no text.

Unio Gallery
United States

Photographs and videos of freshwater pearly mussels (unionoids) of North America.

United States

Photographs by world region and information about the morphology, ecology, and distribution of modern polyplacophorans.

United Kingdom

Photographs of a number of species of Lactarius and Russula to be found growing in the UK.

Hoya Gallery
United States

A selection of photographs showing a number of species in this interesting genus.

The Asclepiad Gallery
United States

Provides a selection of photographs showing various examples of Asclepiads.