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UCSB Marine Biologists Bring Ecology to Children - Daily Nexus

Daily Nexus
Kelp forests are considered one of the most prolific and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. They provide food and shelter to thousands of fish, invertebrates and other algae. Studying the kelp forest is a valuable method for understanding many ecological ...

Sidda inaugurates Biodiversity Centre - The Hindu

The Hindu
Forest and Environment Minister Sidda Raghava Rao on Sunday inaugurated the Biodiversity Centre at the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary near here. The centre was developed with a budgetary allocation of Rs. 80 lakh and housed documents, audiovisual ...

Forest Park and off-road cycling: Letter to the editor -
The biggest problem is teaching the wildlife which days they get the trails. My concern about the off-road cycling community is that a great many bike riders show little or no understanding or awareness of the danger and disruption their sport causes ...

Forest Floor Nurseries

London - United Kingdom

Revegetation experts and consultants offer their services, discuss best practices for revegetation in New Zealand, and offer many native New Zealand species for sale, including seed for export. Available plants include Kauri (Agathis australis), Manuka (medicinal) and Cabbage Trees.

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    Ecology - Restoration Ecology

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    Forest Floor New Zealand Native Tree Nursery Manuka Kanuka Revegetation Wholesale

Soil Ecology By Dr J Floor Anthoni
New Zealand

Dr J Floot Anthoni explains how the soil works, what lives there and how nutrients are recycled.

Forest Pathology
United States

Print and electronic journal on tree diseases and phytopathogens. Includes table of contents (1997 to present), list of editors, author instructions, subscription information, and request form for free sample copy.

Fox Forest
United States

Pictures, sounds, movies, stories, and other fox-related stuff.

Hidden Forest, The
New Zealand

Photographs and information on New Zealand bryophytes, fungi, lichens, and slime moulds.

Fox Forest
United States

Educational site dedicated to the often misunderstood Red Fox. Includes photos, sounds, tales, and more.

United States

Photos of several owls by Donald Leavitt.

United States

Descriptions and images of over 70 species.

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
United States

Research on modeling and monitoring ecosystem processes and patterns in response to natural and anthropogenic effects.

Forest and Wildlife Ecology
United States

The Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology had its origin in 1933 when the University of Wisconsin-Madison created a Chair in Game Management for Professor Aldo Leopold. Six years later, Leopold formed the Department of Wildlife Management, the first academic department in the world dedicated to the emerging field of wildlife management. Forestry had its origins in 1913 with a two-year "forest ranger's course" to provide technicians to help wi

New Zealand Forest Lichens
New Zealand

Photographs, general information, identification and related links.