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UCSB Marine Biologists Bring Ecology to Children - Daily Nexus

Daily Nexus
Kelp forests are considered one of the most prolific and dynamic ecosystems on Earth. They provide food and shelter to thousands of fish, invertebrates and other algae. Studying the kelp forest is a valuable method for understanding many ecological ...

'Lab rats of molecular biology' find home on campus - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
Fruit flies in your kitchen are an annoyance, but fruit flies in a research lab play a vital role in advancing our understanding of biology. Some scientists refer to the fruit fly species Drosophila melanogaster as the lab rat of molecular biology ...

Climate change, evolution, and what happens when researchers are also friends - Science Daily

Science Daily
The Colorado State University researchers, whose studies cut across three colleges, three departments and the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, urge more of this type of collaboration in a new paper in Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Their paper ...

Forest Landscape Ecology Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison - United States

Research lab focusing on forested ecosystems, primarily in the Great Lakes region.

University of Wisconsin - Madison - Havey Lab
United States

Vegetable breeding and genetics laboratory.

Monica Turner's Landscape Ecology Lab
United States

Introduction to landscape ecology and information on several research projects. University of Wisconsin.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
United States

Faculty listings with their research interests, links to the Hokin Symposium and other pharmacology resources.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum
United States

Includes photos of the Arboretum's native Wisconsin habitat restorations and Longenecker Gardens, seasonal events calendar, Naturalists' Notes, Earth Partnership for Schools (ecological restoration), curriculum resources, woodland database, research resources.

University of Wisconsin - Madison Physiology
United States

Course and faculty web sites, with an overview of the doctoral program, seminars, staff, news, and undergraduate courses.

Biophysics at University of Wisconsin-Madison
United States

Beginning in the 1930's and continuing to the present, the UW-Madison has developed and maintained a strong tradition in cutting-edge molecular biophysics. In 1964, the University established a non-departmental Ph.D. Degree Program in Biophysics aimed primarily at undergraduate physics and chemistry majors. In 1965, an NIH Biophysics Training Grant was awarded; it continued until the phase-out of NIH training programs in the 1970s. The Training G

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Department of Bacteriology
United States

Provides information on the undergraduate and master's degree programs, the faculty and staff, and the courses.

University of Wisconsin Madison Zoology Department
United States

Undergraduate and graduate research programs, contact information and a museum.

University of Wisconsin Madison Brain Collection
United States

Features photos of the African lion's brain.

Center for Limnology - University of Wisconsin at Madison
United States

Established in July 1982 to plan, conduct, and facilitate inland freshwater research.