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Visualizing Cell Architecture -
The individual images provide visualization of cell structures separated by at least 200 nanometers. A super-resolution image is developed by fitting the images through a point spread function. The computer algorithm then calculates the centroid of the ...

In the rush for landscape restoration goals, let's not forget about biodiversity - Forests News, Center for International Forestry Research (blog)

Forests News, Center for International Forestry Research (blog)
With ambitious targets like the Bonn Challenge, New York Declaration and those set by the Convention on Biological Diversity, plus billions of dollars invested annually, countries all over the world are rapidly moving forward with Forest Landscape ...

Invasive Species Workshop to be held March 1 - Quad-Cities Online

Quad-Cities Online
She has a Bachelor's degree in Forestry Natural Resource Management from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She specializes in timber restoration, prescribed fire, grounds maintenance, and volunteer coordination. At the park she is responsible ...

Forestry Images

Athens - United States

Offers images of insects, diseases, plants, wildlife, and silviculture management practices.

Forestry Images
United States

Several photographs of bitter root, Lewisia rediviva.

Forestry Images - Insects
United States

Large collection of imagery related to North American forest insects. Topics include organisms, life stages, eggs, and damage caused. Browse by taxonomic order or by other categories (such as foliage feeders, gallmakers, stinging insects, and predators).

Forestry Images - Plants
United States

Small collection of plant imagery, from University of Georgia.

United States

At the forefront of some of the finest ecological research in the nation, this facility and staff offers world-class investigations on forest and rangeland ecosystems.

School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
United States

The Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
South Africa

FABI is a group of post-graduate research teams working in the general field of forest and agricultural pathology and biotechnology with a strong focus on fungi. University of Pretoria, South Africa.

State of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
United States

Manages one of the largest state-owned forest and natural area reserve systems in the United States.

University of Tennessee - Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries
United States
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
United States

State University of New York at Syracuse

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute [FABI]
South Africa

FABI was established in 1997, based on a recognition that the future of Forestry and Agriculture in South Africa will depend strongly on the incorporation of new technologies into these industries. Opportunities for Forestry and Agriculture that have emerged in recent times from the application of biotechnology and bioinformatics are immense, and almost beyond imagination. Currently, forestry and food crops containing novel genes are already bein