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The neurobiology of fruit fly courtship helps illuminates human ... - Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress
Two fruit flies meet in an acrylic mating chamber and check each other out. It's the insect version of speed dating for science.
EurekAlert (press release)
Harvard Medical School

Anthony Bourdain toxicology report released - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Chef and author Anthony Bourdain did not have narcotics in his body when he died on June 8, a French judicial official told The New York Times. Bourdain, 61, was found dead in a hotel in a small village in France on June 8. He was staying in ...
New York Times

Anthony Bourdain's Toxicology Report Shows No Narcotics in His System - Fortune

Anthony Bourdain's toxicology report showed no traces of narcotics in his system, according to French officials. The beloved chef and television host was found dead on June 8 in Kaysersberg, France; his death was ruled a suicide by hanging.
The Takeout
Nicki Swift
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French Medical BIologists' Syndicate

Paris - France

The French Biologists' Syndicate is the principal professional association for directors of French medical biology laboratories, gathering over a 1 000 laboratories in France and representing 1 500 million euros of revenues.

It is a major stakeholder for public health authorities.

The SDB aims at:

defending the quality medical biology practitioner, in the face of a potential drift toward industrialism;
assessing and improving continuously the quality of all French medical laboratories through Bio Qualite in realistic time periods;
promoting the in-service education and training of medical biologists;
defending the code of ethics and standards of professional conduct;
pursuing the long term interests of the profession and not corporatism and demagogy;
entering into dialogue with the authorities and health insurance funds through a conventional policy;
showing constant concern for the equal access to healthcare for all, taking current social issues largely into account;
improving the work conditions and pay of colleagues and laboratory employees;
having recognised the role played by the medical biologist in primary care.

French BioBeach
United States

San Diego based networking organization for US and French biotech communities. Includes news and details of the objectives of the organization, membership, events and resources.

French Biotech Database

Resource for life science companies in France. Includes announcements of events, meetings and login for further details.

Guide to French Salticidae

Introduction and photo gallery of 72 species.

Guide to French Salticidae

Provides an introduction to the world of jumping spiders.

Great French Wine Blight
United States

Wikipedia provides information on the affliction caused by the Phylloxera aphid that destroyed many vineyards in France in the 19th century, and the eventual solution to the problem.

Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles

Photographs of specimens and notes on biology and distribution of the macrolepidoptera of Martinique, Guadeloupe and their dependencies.

French Ring Sport Overview
United States

Contains information on exercises, pictures, training tips, and other information on French Ring, a combination of obedience, agility, and protection work.

French Bulldog Rescue Network
United States

A private, nationwide, nonprofit organization devoted to the placement of French Bulldogs needing homes.

International French Brittany Club of America
United States

Dedicated to ethical breeding and business practices.

NAUSICAA - French National Sea Experience Center

Located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, France. Devoted to improving the general public's knowledge on the oceans. Visitor's information, exhibitions, and corporate events.