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$78m Botany Town Centre expansion unveiled - NZ Herald - New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald
A $78 million expansion and upgrade is planned for Auckland's Botany Town Centre, increasing its floor area from just over 58,000sq m to 62,700sq m. Nick Cobham, AMP Capital portfolio manager, said new retailers from here and overseas would open there ...
Times Online - Auckland
The National Business Review
The Urban Developer

Everyday exercise has surprisingly positive health benefits - Science Daily

Science Daily
“This is a unique study, since we've been able to analyse a large number of people with objective measures of physical activity for up to 15 years,” says study leader Maria Hagströmer, senior lecturer at Karolinska Institutet's Department of ...

Evaluating Effects of PTSD on Active Duty Police Officers - UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences News

UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences News
“Our study is the only one, to our knowledge, that will examine the neurobiology of rapid decision-making in police officers.” Shucard says, if successful, results of the study could convince police agencies to initiate early intervention and ...

Friedrich Hustedt Study Centre for Diatoms

Bremerhaven - Germany

Herbarium consisting of over 60,000 microscope preparations, 20,000 samples of material, and over 4,000 publications.

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    Botany - Herbaria

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    Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) Diatom Centre
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Deer Study & Resource Centre
United Kingdom

Providing public education, as well as deer and woodland management and research.

Centre for the Study of Evolution - University of Sussex
United Kingdom

A distinguished research group founded by the eminent Prof John Maynard-Smith. The group runs both under and post graduate courses on evolution and an 'all welcome' weekly seminar series.

Becker, Karl-Friedrich

Cadherin and tumor research at the Institute of Pathology, Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Friedrich Miescher Institute

Research institute in Basel undertaking fundamental biomedical research, employing new technologies to explore basic molecular mechanisms of cells and organisms in health and disease.

David Young: Acquiring the Friedrich Tippmann Collection
United States

Exhibit of selected volumes from North Carolina State University's entomological literature.

United Kingdom

Information on these ubiquitous organisms including their fossil record, classification, biology and life cycle with a number of images of individual species.

United States

Research project by John Becker provides plenty of information on these organisms and a modest photograph gallery.

United States

Article by Wim van Egmond introducing these delicate unicellular organisms that have yellow-brown chloroplasts that enables them to photosynthesize, with fine photographs.

Diatoms in a Different Light
United States

Article by Roland Mortimer on these organisms, with a small image gallery of different freshwater species.

Microscopy-UK: Diatoms
United States

Offers an introduction to the delicate unicellular organisms that have a yellow-brown chloroplast that enables them to photosynthesize.