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Explore biodiversity in your backyard - Port Townsend Leader

Port Townsend Leader
Wendy Feltham retired from being an elementary school principal before moving to Port Townsend seven years ago, but the veteran educator in her shone through as she led her second summer low-tide walk for the Friends of Fort Worden July 15. The third ...

The anatomy of a soccer club: Business development - KEZI TV

Springfield, Ore. -- "Basically this whole thing came out of me contacting the friends of Civic at the time," recalls Lane United general manager, Dave Galas. "Just seeing where things stood because things seemed to stagnate a little bit. That's really ...

Bound for World Cup Sevens, White Hall native Abby Gustaitis making her mark in rugby - Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun
When Abby Gustaitis started playing club rugby as a college freshman at Maryland in 2010 — simply looking to meet new friends and explore a new sport — she had no idea there was a United States women's national team. The White Hall native, now 27, ...

Friends of the Swainson's Hawk

Marlborough - United States
Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni)
United States

Photo, distribution, ecology, food habits, and habitat of this species.

Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni)
United States

Scientific classification, natural history, and conservation status of this species.

United States

Description, photos, identification tips, behavior, habitat, migration routes, and other information about this bird of the Americas.

Amazing Hawk, the Javan Hawk-eagle
United States

Photograph and description of this endangered species, Spizaetus nipalensis bartelsi, which is Indonesia's national bird.

Swainson's Warbler (Limnothlypis swainsonii)
United States

Photo, identification tips, breeding range map, sound recording, and taxonomy chart.

Swainson's Thrush (Catharus ustulatus)

Details on this bird's breeding, habitat, and range. Includes an illustration.

Marsh Hawk
United States
United Kingdom

Engaged in conservation and education. Offers flying demonstrations.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
United States

Center for conservation, education, and research about raptors on a 2,400-acre natural area straddling the Kittatinny Ridge in eastern Pennsylvania.

White-Tailed Hawk
United States

With breeding habits, conservation status, and more.