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Hipkiss - Artforum

The drawings' spliced geometric forms feel like ants, caterpillars, or multiplying cells. It's as if H. G. Wells had returned with illustrations from a strange and flourishing planet filled with flora-and-fauna hybrids. It is significant that the title ...

A new connection between glucose and lipid regulation in cancer metabolism - Science Daily

Science Daily
Fajun Yang, an associate professor of developmental and molecular biology at Albert Einstein, studies exactly how cancer cells supply themselves with lipids. The newly published research on SREBP1a began when Xiaoping Zhao, the lead author on the new ...

From Ants to Einstein

United States

Interview with Edward O. Wilson by Paul Bennett from Wired News.

On Einstein, Bees, and Survival of the Human Race
United States

Article by Keith S. Delaplane first appearing in the newsletter of the British Bee Keepers Association.

Emmons Lab - Albert Einstein College of Medicine
United States

Studies the male tail of C. elegans, a model system for research in developmental genetics.

United States

Studies the travels of mRNA from birth to ultimate biological destiny.

United States

This article describes ants that may be found around the home, their identification, biology, food preferences and control measures.

United Kingdom

BBC factsheet on ants with descriptions and information about the species found in Britain.

All About Ants
United States

Fact sheet covering ant sociology, anatomy, and communication.

Matabele Ants
United States

Several photographs, with commentary, of a column of driver ants, probably Dorylus wilverthi invading a termite nest.

Carpenter Ants
United States

Detailed guidelines about dealing with carpenter ants in the home.

Carpenter Ants
United States

Information on carpenter ants and photography.

Wood Ants

The Norsey Wood Society provides information on the largest British ant species, Formica rufa, with a diagram of a nest.