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Not many investor analysts can boast of an undergraduate degree in zoology. For Kevin Pratt, MBA '14, though, the leap from endangered amphibians to the world of finance was a positive one, thanks to the MBA program at the OU School of Business ...

Laos remakes itself as an adventure center, an evolution that serves the country and its visitors well - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
Khone Phapheng in southern Laos is the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. It is 70 feet high and the confluence of six miles of rapids. (John Henderson / John Henderson). 1 / 11. Vangviang hugs the Nam Song River in front of craggy mountains that ...

Hillingdon Ranch tour shows visitors 'Texas-style' sheep raising - Waco Tribune-Herald

Waco Tribune-Herald
Robin Giles (in front of truck) speaks to the tour group from the 2018 American Sheep Industry International Convention. Texas A&M AgriLife Communications — Paul Shattenberg. Ranch tour. Buy Now. The Hillingdon Ranch currently runs about 500 ...

Front Range Seed Analysts (FRSA)

Providence - United States

A group of professional seed analysts, associates, and students who work in seed laboratories or have an interest in seed testing.

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    Botany - Organizations

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    Front Range Seed Analysts
    FRSA is a group of professional seed analysts, associates, and students who are somehow involved in seed testing, trade or production.

Hamster Liberation Front
United States

Dedicated to the protection of household rodential friends.

Global Range Molecular Matching
United States

GRAMM, a program for modeling docking for enzymology and receptor interactions of hormones and drugs. Includes web server and free download options maintained at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.

Clone Rights United Front
United States

News and information about political activism by those who support human cloning.

United States

Founders of the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, South Dakota.

Seed Biology
United States

Details of program and research at the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University.

Seed Images
United States

Identification database containing pictures and descriptions all of the seeds required to pass the Registered Seed Technologists examination and the Association of Official Seed Analyst's Certification. Maintained by Colorado State University Seed Programs.

Seed Proteome

Provides information on a proteomic study of Arabidopsis thaliana covering the biochemical and genetic mechanisms that control seed dormancy and seed longevity, and that regulate the transition from quiescence to highly active metabolism during germination and seedling establishment.

Seed Biotechnology Center
United States

Promoting interaction between industry and the research and educational resources, in aspects such as plant breeding, genomics and regulating transgenic crops, at the University of California, Davis.

Seed Biology Place

Explains anatomy, germination, dormancy, after-ripening, including +?-1,3-glucanase biochemistry during endosperm rupture and coat-enhanced dormancy of tobacco. Includes PDF of publications from Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany.

Seed Science Research
United Kingdom

Official journal of the International Society for Seed Science, publishing original papers and review articles on the physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and ecology of seeds.