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Computer Algorithms More Reliable than Standard Toxicology Tests on Animals - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
The most advanced toxicity-prediction tool the team developed was on average about 87 percent accurate in reproducing consensus animal-test-based results—across nine common tests, which account for 57 percent of the world's animal toxicology testing.
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ToxiLatin 2018: The Exciting Frontier of Toxicology Research in Brazil and the World - BMC Blogs Network (blog)

BMC Blogs Network (blog)
For the first time, BMC attended the second ToxiLatin conference which was focused on the theme of “Modern Toxicology for Health and Prevention”. Over four days, more than 800 attendees including scientists, postgraduates and graduate students went to ...

Forest ecology shapes Lyme disease risk in the eastern US ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
In the eastern US, risk of contracting Lyme disease is higher in fragmented forests with high rodent densities and low numbers of resident fox, opossum, and ...
EurekAlert (press release)
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Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ)

Auckland - New Zealand

The Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ) is an independent non-profit incorporated mycological society open to anybody. FUNNZ organises an annual national fungal foray.

The main objects of the Society are:

To share knowledge about, and to publicise the fungi of New Zealand and their roles in all ecosystems
To stimulate research on fungi
To educate about fungi at primary to tertiary levels
To provide a cohesive group of amateur and professional people who share common interests in fungi
To assist in cataloguing New Zealand's fungi and to promote their conservation
To organise at minimum an annual national fungal foray
To attract funding for mycological research
To promote such other activities that may advance the aims of this Society

Fungal Biology

Introduction to mycology for university students. Includes topics on structure, sexual and asexual spores, dimorphism, haustoria, rhizomorphs, and sclerotia and stromata.

Fungal Zoospores
United Kingdom

Illustrated article on the structure and behavior of the motile flagellate spores of the economically important Oomycota.

Fungal Genome Research
United States

Provides information on the research activities at the Stajich Lab, UC Riverside, including a blog on fungal comparative genomics, a wiki on research projects and a genome browser.

Fungal Genetics and Biology

Online and in print journal on fungi and their traditional allies that relate structure and function to growth, reproduction, morphogenesis, and differentiation. Formerly known as Experimental Mycology.

Fungal Genome Resource
United States

A repository of information and services to assist the fungal genomics community. Includes physical maps, sequence data, ongoing projects, and related links.

Fungal Cell Biology Group
United Kingdom

Research on hyphal tip growth. Includes images and movies, publications list, preview of the Biology of Life CD-rom, and related links. University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Fungal Zoospores: Chytrids and Plasmodiophorids
United Kingdom

Introduction to these organisms, with many microscopic images.

Fungal Genetics Stock Center
United States

Features the center history, catalog and fees, genes and symbols used, availability of strains, and newsletter .


Research projects and opportunities, background of researchers, collaborations, publications, calendar of events, and related links. Murdoch University, Perth.

Fungal Biodiversity Center - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Includes extensive databases for many types of fungi.