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Baker's yeast helps biologists to understand drug resistance in fungi - Phys.Org

MSU-based biologists have reported new understanding of fungal drug resistance mechanisms. To study them, the scientists used baker's yeast expressing ...
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Natural Perspective: The Fungus Kingdom
United States

Briefly describes the five phyla: club fungi, sac fungi, lichens, conjugation fungi , and imperfect fungi.

United States

Information from Wikipedia on this group of anamorphic fungi, also known as fungi imperfecti or mitosporic fungi, that are known ...

Fungi and mushrooms of the Czech republic
Czech Republic

Over 500 images of fungi including Latin to Czech fungi name translations, list of mycologists, and events.

United States

Article from Wikipedia on this order which includes the stinkhorns but now also the earthstars, the coral fungi, some false ...

Fungi of New Zealand
New Zealand

Features images, photographs and information on New Zealand fungi, mushrooms and mycology.

Fungi of Poland

Features photographs and descriptions of many fungi species which form relatively large (visible to the naked eye) sporocarps.

Mycorrhiza Information Exchange
United States

Global clearinghouse for mycorrhizal information. Organized links and information related for education, research and business applications of mycorrhizal symbiosis.

United States

Checklists, images, and identification guides for fungi.

Fun Facts About Fungi
United States

Contains fact sheets with photos and fun activities for kids.

The Fifth Kingdom

Introduction to the world of fungi for both amateurs and experts. Includes over 800 photographs.

Fungi of New South Wales, Australia
United States

Photographs, drawings, and descriptions of indigenous macro fungi, by Jamie Derkenne.

Fungi Magazine
United States

fungi is printed five times per year: four quarterly issues plus a special annual issue. Each issue of fungi will ...

Truffle-like Fungi in Australia

Photographs and much information on these fungi whose truffle-like fruiting bodies are generally produced underground.

New Zealand Fungi
New Zealand

Images, photos, keys and lots of information on mushrooms in New Zealand

Fungi: What are Fungi?
United Kingdom

An introduction to the Fungus Kingdom with photographs of several species and further fungal facts.

Fungi that are Necessary for a Merry Christmas
United States

Light hearted look at the many uses fungi are put to in everyday life.

A Few Facts about Fungi

fungi affect all aspects of life. Here are some of the things not commonly known about them.

Fungi Online
United Kingdom

Provides an introduction to the biology of fungi for students or anyone with an interest in this Kingdom.

Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ)
New Zealand

The Fungal Network of New Zealand (FUNNZ) is an independent non-profit incorporated mycological society open to anybody. FUNNZ organises an ...

Deuteromycetes or Fungi imperfecti
United States

Article on these fungi which which only reproduce asexually and can be found and cultured from such unexpected places as ...

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