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Precision Tinkering of Cells, Genes & Microbes: The Big Idea Finalists - Xconomy

Xconomy Boston —. Biology research has gotten so precise these days that scientists barely bat an eye when they talk about their ability to study the genome of individual cells or swap out single “letters” in DNA. So it's probably no surprise that ...

'Jumping genes' key to evolution, researchers reveal - Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle
Washington: Turns out, almost half of our DNA sequences are made up of jumping genes, which are also known as transposons. Transposons is a DNA sequence that changes its position within a genome, sometimes creating or reversing mutations and ...
The Siasat Daily

How do jumping genes cause disease, drive evolution? - Phys.Org

Almost half of our DNA sequences are made up of jumping genes—also known as transposons. They jump around the genome in developing sperm and egg cells and are important to evolution. But their mobilization can also cause new mutations that lead to ...

Furies in the Genome

Mountain View - United States

Downloadable book asserting that the struggle for existence (Darwinian competition) causes both genetic variation and natural selection.

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    The struggle for existence causes genetic variation and natural selection. This idea is the basis for unifying molecular biology and Freudian psychology (mutations and psychosis) under the heading of generational relations. It is also the basis for unifying religion and the theory of evolution, because prophets, saints, and heroes, are evolutionary variants.

11th International Meeting On Human Genome Variation and Complex Genome Analysis
United Kingdom

Program, registration information, and venue details. Held in Tallinn, Estonia. 11-13 September 2009.

United States

A primer on genetic and physical maps from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Initial Sequence of the Chimpanzee Genome and Comparison With the Human Genome
United States

Nature article containing a draft sequence of the genome of the common chimpanzee, along with a comparative analyses with the human genome.

United States

Learn why every living organism has a genome, what it is, and how it works. From the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Genome Programs

Links to online genomics resources - including the individual projects.

Genome Prairie

Not-for-profit organization supporting and managing large-scale genomics and proteomics research projects in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba for applications which include agriculture, animal and human health.

Genome Research
United States

Includes archived issues, current and ahead-of-print articles, and subscriptions.

Genome Machine
United States

Graphical user interface to show what genes have been mapped to a particular chromosome location. Maintained by the University of Washington.


Focuses on the experimental, theoretical, and technical aspects of genomics and genetics in mouse, human, and other species, particularly those aspects bearing on studies of gene function.

Genome Atlantic
United States

One of five regional centres of Genome Canada. A not-for-profit corporation promoting genomics research in Canada.