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From Human Biopsy to Complex Gut Physiology on a Chip - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
The resulting organoids could either be banked for future use or immediately fragmented and seeded into the “epithelial” channels of multiple Organ Chips where they were further matured by flowing specialized culture medium and applying mechanical ...

Is It Possible to Forecast Evolution? - Discover Magazine (blog)

Discover Magazine (blog)
The researchers were able to predict some simple evolutionary changes, but the rest were subject to forces they couldn't account for. Mother nature is still too complex for us to truly foretell the future. The researchers were using a dataset that ...

True to type: From human biopsy to complex gut physiology on a ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Organ Chip technology using donor-derived human intestinal cells offers advantages over organoids and creates new opportunities for personalized medicine.

Future Human Evolution

Dallas - United States

Scientific and speculative articles about the future of mankind including artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, transhumanism, life extension and human enhancement.

Future of Human Evolution

Articles about the future of human evolution regarding to artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, transhumanism, nanotechnology, space colonization, time travel, life extension and human enhancement. Predicting the future is by no means an easy task, it requires considerable erudition, creativity, imagination and wisdom. Our website provides a vast database of articles and ideas which examine the future of humanity and how science, techn

The Scientist: Hot-Vent Microbes: Looking Backward In Evolution For Future Uses
United States

Summary of research into the scientific uses of thermophiles and their heat-tolerant enzymes, such as PCR (polymerase chain reactions), toxic waste cleanup, and biomedical processes. [Free registration required]

Human Evolution: Evolution and the Structure of Health and Disease
United States

Unifying theory of biological and cultural evolution explaining the origin of neurological disease in humans.

Early Human Evolution: A Survey of the Biological and Cultural Evolution of Homo habilis and Homo erectus
United States

Tutorials focused on early transitional humans, Homo erectus, and early human culture.

Human Evolution
United Kingdom

Notes from a lecture by DSG Pollock on early hominids. Includes references.

Human Evolution
United States

Similarities found among early myths suggest that our cultural origins began in female centered tribes which slowly evolved toward patrifocal social structures 40,000 to 100,000 years ago.

Human Evolution

Exhibit of Homo erectus fossils at the Paleontological Museum, University of Oslo.

Human Evolution
United States

Comprehensive information from Wikipedia on the emergence of Homo sapiens as a distinct species from other hominans, great apes and placental mammals.

Human Evolution
United States

A study of the evolution of hominids.

Human Evolution
United States

Human Evolution A Description of Fossil and Their Origins. Learn details information from the web site.