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Syngene G:BOX Chemi XRQ System In Use at Top Biochemistry School - Labmate Online

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Dr Andrew Hellewell, Research Associate in Prof. Adams' laboratory in the School of Biochemistry stated: “The thrombospondin proteins we are studying can form oligomers which are larger than 200 kDa but can have low expression so it is very difficult ...

Study examines how higher-order gene combinations help maintain ... -
We inherit many traits from our parents including the color of our eyes and hair. Unfortunately, we also inherit risk factors for certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Understanding those genetic connections can help prevention ...

Photosynthesis in plants key to speedy evolution - Phys.Org

The team from the Oxford Department of Plant Sciences detected differences in plant gene evolution that could be attributed to how good or bad those plants were at photosynthesis. Plants need nitrogen to do photosynthesis. They use it to build the ...

Gene Expression

Bath - United Kingdom

Complete online issues of an IngentaConnect Publication.

Gene Expression
United States

Independent forum for discussion of gene expression.

Gene Expression in Tooth

Database on the expression of different genes in the developing tooth.

Gene Expression Omnibus
United States

Database of gene expression data from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnical Information). Includes a definable search by different characteristics.

Gene Expression Patterns

A section of the journal Mechanisms of Development, 8 issues per year, Elsevier.

Gene Expression Center

IMGM Laboratories operates a service center in Martinsried, Germany for academic and industrial genome research.

Control of Gene Expression
United States

A collection of diagrams illustrating the fundamentals of molecular biology.

Gene Expression: Transcription
United States

Resource for transcription events during gene formation including schematic diagrams.

Regulation of Gene Expression
United States

Overview of different aspects of gene expression, including transcription, chromatin modification, and analysis of whole genomes, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass, USA.

Wikipedia: Gene Expression
United States

Article with overview, and linking to definitions of topics of current interest to the public.

United States

Large-scale analysis of the human and mouse transcriptomes; allowing users to find out where their favorite gene is expressed.