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The Evolutionary Origin of Descending Testicles - New York Times

New York Times
Scientists often rely on geologic fossils to piece together evolutionary history, but this study shows that there is also a “fossil record in the genome,” said Mark Springer, a biology professor at the University of California, Riverside, who was not ...


Life Through Geologic Time: A Pictorial History of Life on Earth
United States

Provides a pictorial look at the geologic time scale, beginning with the Precambrian through the Holocene.

Deep Time
United States

PBS Evolution offers an interactive timeline to help readers better understand geologic time and evolutionary change.

Home on the Ridge: Life on the N.E. Pacific Hydrothermal Vents
United States

Learn about the geologic processes that create these deep sea environments, the chimneys, the tubeworm community, and other life forms ...

The Monterey Pine Through Geologic Time
United States

Learn how understanding the evolutionary history of the Monterey Pine may help us conserve this species. Article from Understanding Evolution.

Western Region Marine and Coastal Surveys
United States

Walker Branch Watershed Research Program
United States

The site of long-term, intensive environmental studies since the mid-1960's by staff from Oak Ridge National Laboratory the National Oceanic ...