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Price Visit to Beaufort Includes a Sea Tour and Lessons in Marine Biology - Duke Today

Duke Today
Duke President Vincent Price and his wife, Annette, made their first visit to the Duke Marine Lab this past weekend and met with Duke faculty and students to get a close look at marine research on the coast. The Prices also met with local officials and ...

Who is Monty Halls? My Family And The Galapagos host, marine ... - The Sun

The Sun
He's the dashing adventurer who lobes a bit of marine life. Here's all you need to know about Monty Halls and his new show.

Just In Time For Shark Week, Marine Biologist Gives A Talk At The Montauk Library -
Scott Curatolo-Wagemann, a marine biologist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, educated Discovery Channel-type enthusiasts and the casual passing-through tourist at the Montauk Library on Friday evening about the lives of sharks, their ...

Giant, Marine, or Cane Toad

Houston - United States

Learn about the giant toxic toads that were widely exported from Central America to control cane beetles. Cane toads can now be found in Hawaii, Florida, the Philippines, and most notably Australia.

Cane or Giant Toad (Bufo marinus)
United States

Details of characteristics, range, food, habitat and reproduction. From Animal Diversity Web.

Cane or Marine Toad (Bufo marinus)
United Kingdom

Details of lifespan, statistics, distribution, habitat, diet, behaviour and conservation status. BBC fact file.

Giant Marine Toad (Bufo marinus)
United States

Illustrated presentation of taxonomy, distribution, and characteristics, with analysis of its ecological threat and the status of research into control methods. Part of the Introduced Species Summary Project at Columbia University, USA.

Cane Toad
United States

Research project by Marcella Gutierrez at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.

Cane Toads, Giant Toads or Marine Toads
United States

Fact sheet from the Australian Museum covers identification, habits, status and toxicity, with map and photographs.

Bibliography of the Cane Toad

Citations of the cane toad, Bufo marinus up to 1992 are collected in this file assembled by Rick Speare.

Cane Toad Battle

Explains how this introduced species is causing problems across northern Australia. Includes identification guide, control initiatives, and a fact sheet to download.

Cane Toad Research

CSIRO researchers are testing cane toad genes for their ability to interfere with the process of metamorphosis. [PDF]


Describes recent efforts by Australian scientists to identify a biological method of controlling this introduced species. [PDF]

Bufo Marinus - Cane Toad

Basic facts and history of this Australian pest.