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Lifelike anatomy - American Press

American Press
The academic performance of nursing and other students at Sowela Technical Community College has improved since the introduction of the Anatomage table, a digital cadaver, and high-fidelity mannequins, school officials said. The Anatomage table, one of ...

Kristala Prather: Advancing energy-efficient biochemistry - MIT News

MIT News
She teaches 10.10 (Introduction to Chemical Engineering) to first-year and sophomore undergraduates, as well as 10.542 (Biochemical Engineering) for graduate students and upper-level undergrads. Opportunities to reach students present themselves ...

'Nature calls' upon youth to protect flora and fauna - The Hindu

The Hindu
Chief Conservator of Forests and Project Tiger Field Director S. Saravanan explained to the students the importance of protecting the flora and fauna on the hills. The students planted 10,000 saplings. As many as 2,500 seed balls were dropped in the ...

Golden Eagle Re-Introduction Project, The

Louth - Ireland

Five-year project designed to re-introduce Golden Eagles to Donegal, Ireland, where they became extinct in 1910.

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
United States

Describes this bird's identifying characteristics, migration status, nesting, diet, and taxonomy.

BBC Science & Nature: Golden Eagle
United Kingdom

Facts about the raptor species known as Aquila chrysaetos.

Bald Eagle
United States

Research project by Andy Taylor on this bird, including its classification, habitat, adaptations, nutrition, reproduction and its place as a national symbol.

United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this species, Myliobatis aquilla.

Eagle Ray
United States

Photographs and information from Wikipedia on this family of fish, the Myliobatidae, with details of the seven genera included in it.

Eagle Institute, The
United States

Conservation organization dedicated to the protection of the Bald Eagle and other birds of prey. Offers educational programs, guided habitat trips, volunteer monitoring, and data collection opportunities.

Wikipedia: Eagle
United States

Detailed overview of eagles, the bird, including the various species and how they're often used as national symbols, religious objects, and organizational symbols and logos.

Eagle Kids
United States

Includes games, coloring pages, pictures, eCards, and more for children.

Harpy Eagle
United States

Offers information about habitat, diet, behavior, and more.

American Eagle TV
United States

Provides live coverage of the annual nesting cycle of a pair of bald eagles in northern Wisconsin.