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Scientists break botanical boundaries - BDlive

It is just one of the local flora under investigation by Dr Makunga and her team in the botany department, where scientists are trying to find ways to conserve and commercialise local medicinal plants. "Southern Africa has a golden wealth of medicinal ...

New Sea Dragon Species Flaunts Ruby-Red Skin - Live Science

Live Science
"We're now in a golden age of taxonomy, and these powerful DNA tools are making it possible for more new species than ever to be discovered," Greg Rouse, one of the study's researchers and a professor of marine biology at the Scripps Institution of ...

Palestine's culinary delights - The Economist

The Economist
“This is the golden time of flowering plants,” exults Munir Nasser, a professor of biochemistry at Birzeit University with a passion for local flora. Commercial vegetable growers sometimes try to engineer their plants so as to produce saleable crops ...

Golden Tortoise Beetle

Houston - United States

Popular article about the golden tortoise beetle (Metriona bicolor, Chrysomelidae), its life cycle and feeding habits.

Charidotella bicolor: Golden Tortoise Beetle
United States

Illustrations and information on these insects, commonly known as Goldbugs, their distribution, life cycle, description, host plants, damage, natural enemies and management.

Chelymorpha cribraria: Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this species, its distribution, identification, biology and hosts.

Hemisphaerota cyanea: Palmetto Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this species, its distribution, description, life cycle and biology.

Plagiometriona clavata: Clavate Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this easily recognized beetle, its distribution, description, hosts and biology.

Radiated Tortoise
United States

Geochelone radiata, by David T. Kirkpatrick.

Tortoise Trust
United States

Dedicated to the conservation and captive care of turtles and tortoises. Features care sheets and articles on every aspect of chelonia.

Desert Tortoise Council
United States

An international nonprofit organization whose members share a common fascination with wild desert tortoises and the environment they depend upon.

FAQ - Turtle/Tortoise
United States

Help for people just starting out in the keeping of chelonians as pets.

American Tortoise Rescue
United States

Founded to shelter and rehabilitate all species of tortoise and turtle.

Desert Tortoise Council
United States

Promotes conservation of the desert tortoise in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico.