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Golden Valley High honors graduate pursuing biology degree at CSU Long Beach - Fresno Bee

Fresno Bee
Tyler is majoring in biology with an option in molecular cell biology but is still undecided about specific study plans and career goals. She is still thinking about medical school and becoming a geneticist but loves English and the possibility of a ...

Stop blaming biology - The Daily Princetonian

The Daily Princetonian
While scouring through articles on issues such as sexual harassment, the golden standard of physical beauty and the biases of sexual attraction, two phrases seemed to come up the most: “biological programming” and “genetically predisposed.” Whether ...

Ecology guides forest proposal for maximum openings - The Missoulian

The Missoulian
The reason we are proposing these new maximum opening sizes is based on ecological reasons such as more effectively addressing insect and disease (e.g., bark beetle outbreaks) or improving wildlife habitat. Long term, larger patch size may provide ...

Golden Tortoise Beetle

Houston - United States

Popular article about the golden tortoise beetle (Metriona bicolor, Chrysomelidae), its life cycle and feeding habits.

Charidotella bicolor: Golden Tortoise Beetle
United States

Illustrations and information on these insects, commonly known as Goldbugs, their distribution, life cycle, description, host plants, damage, natural enemies and management.

Chelymorpha cribraria: Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this species, its distribution, identification, biology and hosts.

Hemisphaerota cyanea: Palmetto Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this species, its distribution, description, life cycle and biology.

Plagiometriona clavata: Clavate Tortoise Beetle
United States

Photographs and information on this easily recognized beetle, its distribution, description, hosts and biology.

Radiated Tortoise
United States

Geochelone radiata, by David T. Kirkpatrick.

Tortoise Trust
United States

Dedicated to the conservation and captive care of turtles and tortoises. Features care sheets and articles on every aspect of chelonia.

Desert Tortoise Council
United States

An international nonprofit organization whose members share a common fascination with wild desert tortoises and the environment they depend upon.

FAQ - Turtle/Tortoise
United States

Help for people just starting out in the keeping of chelonians as pets.

American Tortoise Rescue
United States

Founded to shelter and rehabilitate all species of tortoise and turtle.

Desert Tortoise Council
United States

Promotes conservation of the desert tortoise in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico.