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'Ghost net' kills hundreds of sharks and other fish after they get tangled in huge underwater web - The Sun

The Sun
Underwater shots show fish swimming around the weighted net, avoiding its clutches. Facebook/Dominick Martin-Mayes. 4. Underwater shots show fish swimming around the weighted net, avoiding its clutches. The marine biology graduate thought it "likely ...

Nosopharm and UIC reveal pharmacology of new class of antibiotics to combat drug resistance -
Nosopharm, a company dedicated to the research and development of new anti-infective drugs, and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) today announce the publication of a study in Molecular Cell on the mechanism of action of odilorhabdins, a new ...
EPM Magazine

EPFL becomes part of Chan Zuckerberg's project to develop Human Cell Atlas -
The Human Cell Atlas is an international effort to map every type of cell in the healthy human body as a resource for studies of both health and disease. The HCA aims to revolutionize the understanding of human anatomy and cell biology and shall ...

Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net

Waltham - United States

Provides an index to animal sounds on the Web including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects.

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    Zoology - Chordates

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    Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net

Guide to North American Bird Songs and Sounds
United States

Key to simple and complex bird calls, songs, and sounds.

Other Animal Sounds
United States

Clips recorded by Doug Von Gausig of the sounds made by various amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds.

World Animal Net
United States

Resource site for animal protection, includes a directory of animal protection groups.

Animal Planet's Dog Guide
United States

Find the answers to: Why do dogs howl? What makes a dog tick? What are the best training tips for dogs? Animal Planet's Dog Guide covers dog anatomy, care, safety, behavior, and training.

Horse Guide - Animal Planet
United States

Play horse games, and see horse pictures in Animal Planet's guide. Learn about the different breeds including Arabian Horses and Quarter Horses and find out how to train and care for them.

United States

Guide to finding the best reptile or amphibian for you. Animal Planet's Reptile Guide also provides care and feeding advice for your cold-blooded friends: lizards, turtles, snakes, frogs, and salamanders.

Animal Planet's Zoo Guide
United States

Is there a zoo in your backyard? Explore the alphabetical listings and interactive maps to find zoos and aquariums that are great for people and animals.

Baby Animals Guide - Animal Planet
United States

Cute, small, cuddly little critters are hard to resist. Browse the Baby Animal Guide and learn about your favorite new born cutie.

Animal Planet Reptile Guide: Poison Arrow Frog Stats & Facts
United States

Background information on the small, brightly colored frog species.

VN: Bird Sounds
United States

Voices of Mexican birds.