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True to type: From human biopsy to complex gut physiology on a ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Organ Chip technology using donor-derived human intestinal cells offers advantages over organoids and creates new opportunities for personalized medicine.

Natalie Jones Slivinski - The Conversation US

The Conversation US
I got my master's degree in Infection, Immunity, & Human Disease with an emphasis on virology; I finished with Distinction in 2016. Now I focus on mechanisms of Zika virus, but I love studying human disease in general. I also love to learn about ...

The Limits of Human Endurance Are Embedded In the Brain - Daily Beast

Daily Beast
The claim has profound and surprising implications, and the extent to which it's true or false remains one of the most volatile flashpoints in exercise physiology, two decades later. The particular tone of the controversy has as much to do with Noakes ...

Hall of Human Origins

New York - United States

Provides information on this permanent exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History covering the evolution of humans over the last six million years.

Human Ancestors Hall: Austalopithecus afarensis
United States

Includes images of skull, jaw, and other bone fragments attributed to Australopithecus afarensis, the long-lived species that may have given rise to the several lineages of early human.

Human Ancestors Hall: Homo ergaster
United States

Profile from The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program.

Human Origins
United Kingdom

The Natural History Museum provides a number of short videos on this topic.

Human Origins
United States

Radio program discusses fossil discoveries that may provide the earliest documented evidence of toolmaking, and push the origin of homo sapiens back more than 400,000 years. A discussion featuring Donald Johanson and Blake Edgar.

Human Origins and Prehistory
United States

Class page to go along with Indiana University's anthropology class, A105. Lectures cover the human place among the pages, evolution theories, genetics and current research. Related resource links are included.

Institute of Human Origins
United States

A non-profit, multidisciplinary research organization, affiliated with Arizona State University, dedicated to the recovery and analysis of the fossil evidence for human evolution.

Think Quest: Human Origins

Aimed at both students and educators alike, providing factual information and follow up questions about human origins.

Look at Modern Human Origins, A
United States

Aims to help students of paleoanthropology in the process of research, and to provide a source of information for anybody who desires a fuller understanding of human evolution.

United States

Locates Homo sapiens on the family tree, compares primate skulls, and links current discoveries to better human understanding of the past.


Describes important discoveries related to human origin as well as various theories and theorists.