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Harpoon Weed: Asparagopsis armata

London - United Kingdom

Photograph and basic information on this species and its taxonomy and general biology.

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    Protista - Protista

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    MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network
    The Marine Life Information Network

Asparagopsis armata

A number of photographs of this species and information on its taxonomy, uses, range and references.

Erythea armata

Images of flowers and fruit in the crowns of mature trees.

Selaginella armata var. eatonii
United States

Taxonomic data and mapped distribution from Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants.

The Filthy Weed
United States

History of human use of Nicotiana.

Pineapple-weed: Matricaria matricarioides
United States

Photographs of this plant, with its description and identifying characteristics.

Coral Weed: Corallina officinalis
United Kingdom

Basic information on this species, its biology and habitat, with a photograph.

The CRC for Australian Weed Management

Weeds CRC: Australian research into weed biology and ecology, risk assessment, biological control, herbicide resistance, crop and pasture management, environmental and agricultural weeds.

Eyelash Weed: Calliblepharis ciliata
United Kingdom

Photograph and basic information on this species.

Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed)
United States

Photos and brief facts on this plant.

Hydrilla verticillata - The Perfect Aquatic Weed
United States

History of its introduction into the United States, environmental impact, and management options.