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Mouse artificial 'embryo' created from stem cells - BioNews

The researchers had previously worked on a simpler structure of a mouse embryo consisting of two types of stem cells and a 3D jelly scaffold. In the new study – published in Nature Cell Biology – they used all three types of stem cells: embryonic stem ...

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde: Healing mesenchymal cells morph and destroy muscles in models of spinal cord injury, ALS and ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
The findings were published today in Nature Cell Biology. By studying the muscles of ALS patients and mouse models of motor neuron injury or disease, the scientists found FAP cells actually promoted muscle wasting and scarring. The cells activated a ...

Scientists use mouse stem cells to move closer to creating artificial ... - Firstpost

An international team of scientists has moved closer to creating artificial embryos after using mouse stem cells to make structures capable of taking a crucial step ...
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Harvest Mouse: Micromys minutus

Herndon - United States

Information from ARKive including images and videos.

Harvest Mouse (Micromys minutus)
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on this species which has a prehensile tail, including a description, distribution, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction.

Russian Federation

Illustration and description of the Harvest Mouse, its biology, distribution within the former USSR, ecology and economic significance as a rodent pest.

Healthy Harvest - Hydroponic Growing Systems
United States

Hydroponic growing is becoming trendy these days amongst nature lovers. As you get total command over your plants this way, you can become the owner of some of the most beautiful plants without having to work like a farmer. You can even grow your own vegetables and eat the healthiest food this planet can offer you. At Healthy Harvest Florida we strive to provide unparalleled levels of Service, Selection & Prices. Our team has collectively over 10

Trombicula sp: Chiggers, Jiggers, Harvest Mites or Red Bugs
United States

Illustrations of these pests, with information on their hosts, their description, life cycle and control.

Little Gull: Larus minutus
United Kingdom

Several photographs of this gull.

Little Gull (Larus minutus)

Species account describes the physical traits, reproduction, ecology, and behavior of this species. Includes a photo and range map.

Pygmy Shrew: Sorex minutus
United States

Information from ARKive including photographs.

Whole Mouse Catalog
United States

Comprehensive guide to online resources of particular interest to scientific researchers using mice or rats in their work.

Wikipedia: Mouse
United States

Article describing mice, their diet, their use in laboratory experiments, and more.

Feeder Mouse
United States

A photographic study of Rattus norvegicus.