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Scientists unearth vital link between fat, immunity and heat regulation - Science Daily

Science Daily
... is particularly important when babies are born as it regulates their temperatures until they develop more white fat, but it's also important in protecting us from hypothermia. Both white and brown fat tissues also have their own immune systems, and ...
Irish Times

Faces of Faith: Evolution is science, not philosophy - Albany Times Union

Albany Times Union
KENNETH MILLER. Background: He grew up in suburban New Jersey, graduated from Brown University, received a Ph.D. in biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is now a professor at Brown. He was the plaintiffs' expert witness in the landmark ...

Gov. Brown pardons Berkeley Ecology Center employee at risk of deportation - Berkeleyside

For years, Daniel Maher has not known if, or when, he'll have to pack up and move to a country he hasn't stepped foot in since he was a toddler. But deportation to China is suddenly looking less likely for Maher, a Berkeley Ecology Center employee who ...

Havana Brown Fanciers


Features information on breeders, catteries, and cat shows. Online membership available.

International Havana Brown Society

Dedicated to promoting interest in, providing a better knowledge of, and improving the Havana Brown breed of cat.

Havana Brown Cats and Kittens
United States

Features pictures, articles, and information on breeders as well as the CFA breed profile.

Cat Fanciers
United States

Information about caring for cats, breeds, shows, genetics, breed rescue, catteries, and other topics.

New Hampshire Feline Fanciers

CFA club holding shows in January and July in New Hampshire.

Cat Fanciers: Selkirk Rex
United States

FAQ for the breed originated by Jeri Newman.

United States

Promotes and encourages the exchange of information among breeders and owners of Somali cats.

Ragdoll Fanciers Club International
United States
Austrian Cat Fanciers (KKOE)

Austria's oldest cat fancy, founded 1926.

Australian Rat Fanciers Society

Exhibitors, breeders and owners of fancy rats in Australia.

United States

Article discusses the origins of this natural breed, whose roots are from "drain" or street cats of Singapore.