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A Swedish Biotech Bringing Lab-on-a-Tip Tech to the Cell Biology Field - (blog) (blog)
We've nipped back to Sweden before the winter sets in. Here in Gothenburg, we're visiting Fluicell, which has developed the first lab-on-a-tip tool. Mission: Fluicell wants to redefine the current approach to cell biology, by bringing revolutionary ...

Tsunami enabled hundreds of aquatic species to raft across Pacific - Science Daily

Science Daily
Nearly 300 species have appeared on the shores of Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast attached to tsunami debris, marine biologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Williams College and other institutions reported in the journal Science ...
The Guardian
The Verge
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Celgene snaps up Nimbus assets in immunology deal - BioPharma Dive

BioPharma Dive
Private biotech Nimbus Therapeutics has inked a long-term strategic alliance with Celgene in immunology for two pre-clinical assets, setting Celgene up to compete with Bristol-Myers Squibb & Co. in the space. The deal, based around Nimbus' Tyk2 ...

Hawaii Biotech, Inc. (HBI)

Hawaii - United States

Hawaii Biotech, Inc. (HBI) is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the research and development of vaccines for established and emerging infectious diseases. The company has developed proprietary expertise in the production of recombinant proteins applicable to the development of safe and effective vaccines. Current vaccine candidates in clinical or pre-clinical development target the West Nile virus, Tick borne flaviviruses, Zika virus, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, and Chikungunya virus. HBI’s drug development activities are focused on small molecule drugs that block intracellular and extracellural bacterial toxins. Product opportunities include anti-toxin drugs for the lethal factor from B. anthracis and the botulinum toxin from C. botulinum. The company also partners its proprietary saponin adjuvant for vaccine development.

University of Hawaii
United States

News release that was reported in the journal nature concerning the first reproducible cloning of mammals from adult cells.

Kiwi and Hawaii
United States
Sharks of Hawaii
United States

Introduction to the common inshore species, including those which are aggressive to humans, in Hawaiian waters.

The Cryonics Association of Hawaii

A non-profit organization supporting cryonicists (members of both Cryonics Institute and Alcor) living in or visiting Hawaii.

Hawaii's Spinner Dolphins
United States

Provides information on spinner dolphins and includes descriptions and pictures of their natural behaviors in the wild.

Hawaii's Extinct Species
United States

Lists many of the birds, snails, insects, and plants to have met their demise though human intervention and pervasive alien introductions.

Hawaii Beekeepers' Association
United States

Working to assist and educate beekeepers, to encourage beekeeping as a hobby and an industry, and to promote natural beekeeping methods.

Hawaii Cat Foundation
United States

Nonprofit organization using TNR to humanely reduce the feral cat population in Hawaii.

Endangered Species of Hawaii
United States

More than a third of the endangered species on the U.S. endangered species list come from Hawaii.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
United States

The Garden features spectacular coastline, waterfalls in a deep palm jungle, sunny areas filled with tropical flowers. It presents a very wide variety of tropical rainforest habitats within a relatively small area that is easily accessible by gravel paths.