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PatientsLikeMe Builds Multi-Omic Longitudinal Program to Track Biology of Disease and Wellness - GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Health information-sharing firm PatientsLikeMe is about six months into a new program called DigitalMe, which departs from the company's initial focus on self-reported health information, attempting now to bridge phenotypic ...

Cardiac system 1: anatomy and physiology - Nursing Times

Nursing Times
This first article in a two-part series covers anatomy and physiology, and the second part discusses pathophysiology. Citation: Jarvis S, Saman S (2018) Cardiac system 1: anatomy and physiology. Nursing Times [online]; 114: 2, 34-37. Authors: Selina ...

SIU Gets 115-Pound Black Carp Specimen for Further Study | Illinois ... - U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report
CARBONDALE, Ill. (AP) — Researchers at Southern Illinois University have received what could be one of the largest black carp used for scientific research.

Health Report - Howard Florey Part Two

United States

Transcript of Radio National programme exploring how penicillin found its way from mould to miracle drug.

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    Biologists - Microbiologists

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    Health Report - 21/09/1998: Howard Florey Part Two
    This is the second of a two part series on Howard Florey It explores the wonderful and bizarre way of how penicillin found its way from mould to miracle drug



United States

Transcript of Radio National programme looking at Florey the man and his broad ranging achievements.

Sir Howard Walter Florey

Biography presented by The Nobel Foundation.

Howard Florey - Maker of the Miracle Mould
United States

Article by Simon Torok on Florey and his life work which transformed penicillin from an interesting discovery into a life saver.

Australian Nobel Laureates - Howard Walter Florey

Brief biography.

United States

Transcript of interview with Stanley Prusiner from Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National.

Mycorrhizae Part 2
United States

Images, mostly enlarged, of thelephoroid arbutoid mycorrhiza, orchidoid mycorrhiza, and the fruitbody of Tomentella sublilicina.

Pets: Part of the Family

Explore the relationship with your pet, learn helpful pet secrets, ask a vet a question, send a virtual pet postcard and read inspirational pet stories.

Poisonous part of Cycas revoluta
United States

General information, distribution and habitat.

United States

Ph.D. program is offered with specialties in many areas of physiology. Links to program information are included.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
United States

Biomedical research, grants. HHMI investigators contributed to the discovery of genes related to diseases such as cystic fibrosis and obesity, and to basic understanding of cell development and communication. Scientists are employed by HHMI and conduct their work at HHMI facilities at leading research institutions nationwide. Web site has extensive news and information on recent research findings.