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A mathematical view on cell packing - MIT News

MIT News
In a paper entitled “Entropic effects in cell lineage tree packings,” published this month in Nature Physics, the team reports direct experimental observations and mathematical modeling of cell packings in convex enclosures, a biological packing ...

Singaporian firm urged to stop destroying biodiversity, livelihood in Cameroon - - English - (press release) - English - (press release)
Singaporean-based Halycon Agri and her Cameroonian subsidiary- Sudcam have been urged to stop destroying biodiversity and livelihood in Cameroon. In a recent report titled 'Halcyon Agri's Ruinous Rubber', environmental watchdog Greenpeace Africa ...

In pictures: flora and fauna of Socotra - BBC News

BBC News
The BBC's Frank Gardener visits the island chain of Socotra, famed for plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. Tree in Socotra Frank Gardner / BBC. Socotra's unique flora has been attracting botanists since the 19th century and, more ...

Hevea brasiliensis: The Rubber Tree

Sunnyvale - United States

Article by Laura Law on this tree from the Amazon basin, its description and the history of the development of the rubber industry.

Peperomia obtusifolia (Baby Rubber Plant)
United States

Photograph, description, and culture information for this houseplant that is native to tropical America, including southern Florida.

Xenopsylla brasiliensis

Photograph of this flea. Click to enlarge.

Xylopia brasiliensis
United States

Several small photographs of this species.

Caryocar brasiliensis

Several photographs of this tree.

Flora brasiliensis

Online version of the series of books produced between 1840 and 1906 by editors Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, August Wilhelm Eichler and Ignatz Urban with the participation of 65 specialists. [English and Portuguese versions].

Trithrinax brasiliensis

Photographs of young flowering shoots, and crown.

Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
United States

Article on this pathogenic fungus that can cause a chronic invasive disease. Tom Volk illustrates it with microscopic images.

Dorstenia brasiliensis: Carapia
United States

Description and several illustrations of this small plant, with information on its herbal properties, uses in tribal and herbal medicine, the chemicals it contains and its biological activities.

What Tree is That?
United States

Resources from the National Arbor Day Foundation for identifying trees and leaves in the Eastern, Central, and Western United States.

What Tree Is It?
United States

You see an unknown tree. Or perhaps you've found part of a tree, and you want to know what kind of tree it came from. The focus is on common trees of Ohio.