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Obituary: Clinton Knudson traveled and taught around the world - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Over that time, he taught biology, physiology, anatomy and genetics and coached the Quiz Bowl team. His daughter, Kim Knudson, said he liked to joke with everybody, including his students, calling them all by one of three names: Henry, George or Fritz.

Microscope invented at marine biological laboratory illuminates chromosomal 'dark matter' - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
MBL scientists Michael Shribak (the microscope's inventor) and Tomomi Tani, together with Kazuhiro Maeshima of the National Institute of Genetics, Japan, recently reported their findings in Molecular Biology of the Cell. The scientists measured the ...

4 crucial facts that prove biology doesn't cause inequality - The Week Magazine

The Week Magazine
In America, we've had a long history of people in positions of privilege and power who argue that innate biological differences between races or sexes explain why our society is unequal. Such people couch these arguments in the language of unflinching ...

History of Genetics Timeline

Bethesda - United States

Timeline of major events. Includes dates, the discovery, and the scientist .

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    History - History

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    History of Genetics Timeline

Human History Timeline
United States

Human History Timeline - brings you a comprehensive timeline of human history from the beginning of time to today .

A History of Genetics
United States

Full text of A. H. Sturtevant's book. From Electronic Scholarly Publishing.

History of Genetics
United States

Course taught at Dartmouth College; includes links to biographical essays, online papers, and other resources, including eugenics and genome projects.

The History of Drosophila Genetics
United States

Discusses some of the personal characteristics of A. H. Sturtevant and Th. Dobzhansky and the differences that contributed to their scientific estrangement.

Landmarks in the History of Genetics: Can Matter Store Active Information?
United States

Includes dates, events, theoretical implications, and related links.

Timeline of Evolution
United States

Wikipedia offers a timeline highlighting the emergence of different species over the last 4000 million years.

United States

Offers a proportioned -- 1 inch = about 2 million years -- evolutionary time line tracing life from first its very first forms to homo sapiens.

Leakey Foundation: Timeline of Discovery
United States

Includes important scientific discoveries from 1847 to the present related to the discovery of early humans.

Hayward Genetics Center/Human Genetics Program - Tulane University School of Medicine
United States

Provides primary and tertiary care genetic services to patients at Tulane Hospital and Clinic, and is the referral center to the Louisiana State Genetic Diseases Program for metabolic diseases.

Genetics and Genealogy: Article #10: Genetics and Human Migration Patterns
United Kingdom

Genetics and Human Migration Patterns