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A350 stretch would need further engine evolution: Bregier - Flightglobal

Airbus is likely to reconsider a stretched A350 concept only after a further evolution of engine technology, reiterating that there is no clear demand for a larger version. The airframer had admitted, at last year's Paris air show, that it was ...

'Fortnite: Battle Royale': The Evolution of World's Largest Battle Royale Game -
Fortnite may not be the success Epic Games planned for, but it's a success the game-engine creator and developer has embraced. Related. Examining the Spectacle of Video Games and Swatting. "Pretty much all of the cybercriminals I track are big time ...

The molecular biology of prostate cancer: current understanding and clinical implications. - UroToday

With continuous progress over the past few decades in understanding diagnosis, treatment, and genetics, much has been learned about the prostate cancer-diagnosed genome. A comprehensive MEDLINE® and Google scholar literature search was conducted using ...

Histosearch: The Histology Search Engine

Sydney - Australia

Histosearch is a specialty search engine for histology. It searches and indexes over 100,000 pages in web sites on the Internet related to histology. Sites searched include textbooks, college level courses, image sites, protocol sites, organizations and other histology sites.

Histology professionals and researchers can find answers to histology questions on the Internet quickly, with assurance that results will be relevant to histology.

Genome Proteome Search Engine
United States

This search engine is formulated to search databases for specific data pertaining to genomes and proteomes of living organisms.

United States

Optimized for effective searches related to life science informatics and research.

Antibody Review - Antibody Search Engine
United States

Antiobdy Review is an antibody directory and search engine to help researchers find the most suitable antibodies for their work. The site provides an easy way to search and compare antibodies available from many commercial vendors, view antibody images and related publications.

Multilingual Birdsearch Engine

Provides translations of bird names in 18 languages.

Phyre- Protein Homology/analogY Recognition Engine
United Kingdom

Phyre is a free for academics service for predicting the 3-dimensional structure of a protein amino acid sequence.

United States

Report from the Public Broadcasting Corporation on the science of using DNA testing to track personal ancestry and ancient human migration patterns.

Dragon Search

Information about a national monitoring program on the Syngnathids or seadragons, long slender fish with bony plates surrounding their bodies.

In Search of Neanderthals
United States

An overview of issues surrounding the study of neanderthals, with links to scholarly essays and fiction covering the DNA debate, morphology, evolution, and sociology of neanderthals.

Search for the First Human
United States

Companion site to program on paleontologists hunting for remains of creatures that may reveal the origins of humankind. From PBS.

Dragon Search

Monitoring program which encourages members of the community to provide information about sightings of the unique southern Australian fish.