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Botany Lane Greenhouse hires Emma Steed as young plant sales manager - Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Management
Botany Lane Greenhouse has announced Emma Steed, former national broker sales manager for EuroAmerican Propagators, and regional sales manager for Hines Horticulture, as their new young plant sales manager (YPSM) to build the growing program.

China's Westlake University Aims to Match Caltech - Caixin Global

Caixin Global
Two of the most recent additions to Shi's faculty are neurobiology researcher Jia Jiemin, lured home last year from a Texas university, and diabetes researcher Wu Liangeng, who left a position at Harvard University in late 2017. Both in their late 30s ...

Jurassic World Evolution: Sandbox Mode Details - IGN First - IGN

Well, here it is and it's home to Jurassic World Evolution's Sandbox mode where you'll have unlimited funds to help you build your perfect park. You'll unlock the mode by getting a 4-star rating on the first island in the main game, Isla Matanceros ...

Horticulture and Home Pest News

Ames - United States

Season-specific information from Iowa State University on plant pathology, horticulture and insect pests.

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    Botany - Phytopathology

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    IC-501( 2) -- February 3, 2010 | Horticulture and Home Pest News

Scirpus Horticulture
United States

Very brief descriptions of selected species, and information on growing and propagating Scirpus plants.

United States

Dedicated to the advancement of zoo horticulture in zoological parks, gardens and aquariums. Includes membership and board information and helpful links.

Virginia Tech Horticulture Gardens
United States
Aggie Horticulture: African Violets
United States

Links to general resources, discussion groups, pictures, and organizations expressing interest in the popular, attractive plant.

Biology News: Latest Health and Biology News Articles
United States

Recent articles and headlines from the biological sciences, biotechnology and related fields.


Covers entomology, nematology, weed science, biological control, plant pathology, and other aspects of pest management.

Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Provides plant disease diagnoses, nematode counts, and insect and plant identifications. Contains information on submission of samples, fact sheets, and guidelines on nematode and Verticillium (in soil) control.

Terminix Pest Library - Termites
United States

Images, characteristics, behavior, habitat, and control of different types of termites.

Integrated Pest Management in Schools
United States

Identification and control of silverfish, firebrats, and booklice.

United States

Lists mistletoe identification, its life cycle and biology, management information, and more.