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Antarctica marine biologists expand knowledge of algae and crustaceans on 2018 journey - The Mix

The Mix
antarctica group 2018 Group photo: C.J. Brothers, Ph.D., collaborating researcher and UAB alumna; Keith Smith, PolarTREC teacher; Andrew Shilling, graduate student from the University of South Florida; Michelle Curtis, UAB graduate research assistant; ...

Defining Interacting Regulatory Genes That Define Cell Subtypes - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
“The method has great potential for regenerative medicine when it comes to replacing cell subpopulations that have been lost in the course of disease, for example,” explains Prof. Dr Antonio del Sol, head of the Computational Biology group of the ...

LANL researching algae to convert to affordable fuel - Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican
Molecular biologist Amanda Barry and a team at Los Alamos National Laboratory's Bio-energy and Biome Sciences group are trying to determine whether one particular strain of algae can be produced at low cost and in short periods of time so that it could ...

Hound Group

Fruitland Park - United States

Lists the AKC breed standards for dogs that share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting.

Wikipedia: Scent Hound
United States

Article about Scent hounds, the hounds that primarily hunt by scent rather than sight.

Hound Dog Webring
United States

A Webring for the varied and versatile hound group, including all sighthounds and scenthounds recognized by a registering body such as the AKC, CKC, or FCI.

Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia
United States

Nonprofit, volunteer effort to save abandoned and mistreated basset hounds for the love of the breed.

Ohio Basset Hound Rescue
United States

Helping homeless hounds of Ohio find homes.

Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue
United States

Provides support, coordination, and financial assistance to a national network of volunteers.

Enchanted Learning: Hound Dog Printouts
United States

Offers coloring pages of hound dogs, an ancient group of dog breeds that were originally bred to chase game.

United States

Learn about the hound group, one the oldest groups of dogs, aiding humans by pursuing and catching their quarry.

Mid-Atlantic Hound Association (MAHA) of Central North Carolina
United States

MAHA is an association of sight and scent hound owners and friends. Members participate in hound-specific events with an emphasis on responsible canine ownership.

C.H.I.M.P.P. Group

Studying chemo-ethology of hominoid interactions with medicinal plants and parasites, with particular emphasis on the medicinal use of plants by chimpanzees in the wild.

The HeliX group
United Kingdom

Introduction to the X-ray crystallographic work on nucleic acid and protein structure. Includes poster presentations, publications list and profiles of staff in the Cardin laboratory, University of Reading, England.