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Ecology 'disappointed' with Port; both moving foward - Port Townsend Leader

Port Townsend Leader
According to Department of Ecology News Media Relations Specialists Larry Altose, the Port of Port Townsend operates under a general permit, which allows the Port to operate without having to apply for a permit for every single thing it does as the ...

'Crime against biodiversity': 2700 scientists warn Trump's US-Mexico wall may doom 1000 threatened species - The Japan Times

The Japan Times
The letter details threats to biodiversity along the 2,000-mile (3,200-km) US-Mexico border, which Trump wants to wall off in an effort to stop the flow of illegal migrants. “Fence and wall construction over the past decade and efforts by the Trump ...
EurekAlert (press release)
Science Daily

The colour that means both life and death - BBC News

BBC News
Holding sway over the flow of floods and flourishing of flora alike, leafy-cheeked Osiris, it was believed, would eventually show the souls of Egypt's kings the path to resurrection. Flora and fauna. For millennia, concocting green pigments was ...

How a Flow Cytometer Operates

Houston - United States

Illustrated article from the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Science Park, explaining the fundamentals of a flow cytometer.

Flow Cytometry
United States

Describes the technique, protocols for clinical trials, facilities and staff contacts at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Durham, North Carolina.

Physiological Flow Network
United Kingdom

Organization that aims to promote research interactions between experts in the field of physiological flow modelling, and involves mathematicians, biologists and clinical practitioners as well as computational and experimental engineers. Provides information on members and meetings, which are held in the UK.

United States

Interactive flash animation showing how a flow cytometer works.

Flow Cytometry on the Web
United States

Listing of WWW resources devoted to flow cytometry.


Biography of botanist Eduard Strasburger, considered the founder of modern cytology.

Wright Fleming Institute: Flow Cytometry Facility
United Kingdom

Suite for teaching and raining researchers in designing and analysing experiments, including cell sorting, EliSpot and Luminex. Lists courses, charges and services at Imperial College London, UK.