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Climate change and biodiversity (part 2) - Yale Climate Connections

Yale Climate Connections
Why link a pair of posts about climate change and biodiversity to Columbus Day? Because the exchange of species between the Old and New Worlds in the wake of Columbus's voyages is the only other time in recorded history that humans scrambled the ...

Genesee Naturalist offers guide to hikes, programming at Letchworth State Park - The Livingston County News

The Livingston County News
It includes articles on flora and fauna and history within the park and region and is a resource for a variety of regional outdoor locations for family-oriented activities. In addition to programming that takes place all year long, the autumn addition ...

Immune tolerance: A mother's greatest gift is TIM3 -
Human embryos express paternal antigens that render the fetus semi-allogeneic, and to reduce the risk of pregnancy loss we have evolved mechanisms that promote maternal–fetal tolerance. Decidual natural killer (NK) cells are known to have regulatory ...

Human History Timeline

New York - United States

Human History Timeline - brings you a comprehensive timeline of human history from the beginning of time to today .

History of Genetics Timeline
United States

Timeline of major events. Includes dates, the discovery, and the scientist .

A Brief History of the Human Genome Project
United States

Chapter one from, Morality and the New Genetics: A Guide for Students and Health Care Providers.

United States

Details about the U.S. Human Genome Project including its goals, history and progress with links to key documents, publications, a timeline, and Project contacts.

Timeline of Evolution
United States

Wikipedia offers a timeline highlighting the emergence of different species over the last 4000 million years.

United States

Offers a proportioned -- 1 inch = about 2 million years -- evolutionary time line tracing life from first its very first forms to homo sapiens.

Leakey Foundation: Timeline of Discovery
United States

Includes important scientific discoveries from 1847 to the present related to the discovery of early humans.

United States

2002 report issued by the President's Council on Bioethics. Includes definitions, history, and policy recommendations.

History of Ecology
United States

Bibliography and notes on prominent ecologists.

A History of Genetics
United States

Full text of A. H. Sturtevant's book. From Electronic Scholarly Publishing.

History of Genetics
United States

Course taught at Dartmouth College; includes links to biographical essays, online papers, and other resources, including eugenics and genome projects.