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The human T-cell repertoire grows up -
To recognize major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-bound peptides from virtually any intracellular antigen, the adaptive immune system develops a vast pre-immune repertoire of T-cell clones, each with one of a seemingly infinite number of unique T ...

Noah Thomas case: Timeline for autopsy report, including toxicology results ... - Roanoke Times

Roanoke Times
While crime shows like “CSI” and “Law and Order” may depict that toxicology reports take a matter of minutes or hours, in reality these tests are a combination of scientific and analytical work that can be complicated. “The whole forensic process takes ...
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Rare protein modification -
Arginine methylation is an epigenetic histone modification that affects transcription, but the role of this post-translational modification in cellular functions remains unclear. In Nature Communications, Acuto and colleagues use isomethionine methyl ...

Human-Nature.Com: Thomas Henry Huxley

Burlington - United States

Texts of his autobiography and selected essays.

Thomas Henry Huxley
United States
Athenaeum: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Includes a modern biographical sketch, and one from 1888.

Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)
United States
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Overview of Huxley's incursions into philosophy.

Wikipedia: Thomas Huxley
United States

Article and biography of Thomas Huxley. Features works and his racial classification system.

Huxley File, The
United States

Large collection of texts, pictures, and commentaries relating to the 19th century physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, and educator, known as Darwin's bulldog.

The Huxley File
United States

The works of Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895): physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, educator, and Darwin's bulldog.

Henry Vilas Zoo
United States

Madison. 28 acres, includes children's zoo. General information, education program summary, a virtual tour, animal photos, descriptions and sounds, coloring pages, activities and games, and special events.

Alfred Henry Sturtevant
United States

A substantial biography by Edward.B.Lewis.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
United States

Omaha. General information, zoo history, webcam, IMAX theater information, education program summary, and animal photos.