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Former NECC Student Now Shares Marine Biology as Professor - WHAV News

If he isn't on the water or in the water, then marine biologist and natural science professor Dr. Ken Thomas, of Hooksett, N.H., is teaching about the water and its countless inhabitants. While he also teaches introduction to biology and human biology ...

Stop the executioners -
In this issue of Nature Immunology, Schliehe et al. present mechanistic data describing the events underlying an experimental model of polymicrobial exposure and bacterial superinfection1. In real life, microbes do not form an orderly queue; instead, ...

Ocean biology: Marine dreams -
It is a challenge shared by other marine biologists around the world, whether they are studying tuna or plankton, coral or seaweed. They do not want to discourage anyone from science. But in a field that is already crowded with PhD graduates looking ...

Human-Nature.Com: Thomas Henry Huxley

Burlington - United States

Texts of his autobiography and selected essays.

Thomas Henry Huxley
United States
Athenaeum: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Includes a modern biographical sketch, and one from 1888.

Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)
United States
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Overview of Huxley's incursions into philosophy.

Wikipedia: Thomas Huxley
United States

Article and biography of Thomas Huxley. Features works and his racial classification system.

Huxley File, The
United States

Large collection of texts, pictures, and commentaries relating to the 19th century physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, and educator, known as Darwin's bulldog.

The Huxley File
United States

The works of Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895): physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, educator, and Darwin's bulldog.

Henry Vilas Zoo
United States

Madison. 28 acres, includes children's zoo. General information, education program summary, a virtual tour, animal photos, descriptions and sounds, coloring pages, activities and games, and special events.

Alfred Henry Sturtevant
United States

A substantial biography by Edward.B.Lewis.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
United States

Omaha. General information, zoo history, webcam, IMAX theater information, education program summary, and animal photos.