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Circulating potential -
The innate lymphoid cell (ILC) group, composed of helper (ILC1, ILC2 and ILC3) and cytotoxic subsets (NK cells), arises from ILC-committed precursors (ILCPs). In Cell, Di Santo and colleagues identify CD117+ ILCPs at low frequency in human peripheral ...

Cell Senescence A new role for ATM -
Cell senescence is associated with permanent withdrawal from the cell cycle in response to various stresses and ageing. Kang et al. screened human fibroblasts for factors that alleviate senescence and identified the major DNA damage repair kinase ATM ...

Coming to grips with cell surface polarity -
Towards the end of the 1970s, I was working at the EMBL with Ari Helenius and Henrik Garoff, studying Semliki Forest virus as a simple model of biological membranes, which led to our pioneering discoveries of the mechanisms of viral entry and viral ...

Human-Nature.Com: Thomas Henry Huxley

Burlington - United States

Texts of his autobiography and selected essays.

Thomas Henry Huxley
United States
Athenaeum: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Includes a modern biographical sketch, and one from 1888.

Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895)
United States
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Thomas Henry Huxley
United States

Overview of Huxley's incursions into philosophy.

Wikipedia: Thomas Huxley
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Article and biography of Thomas Huxley. Features works and his racial classification system.

Huxley File, The
United States

Large collection of texts, pictures, and commentaries relating to the 19th century physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, and educator, known as Darwin's bulldog.

The Huxley File
United States

The works of Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895): physiologist, anatomist, anthropologist, agnostic, educator, and Darwin's bulldog.

Henry Vilas Zoo
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Madison. 28 acres, includes children's zoo. General information, education program summary, a virtual tour, animal photos, descriptions and sounds, coloring pages, activities and games, and special events.

Alfred Henry Sturtevant
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A substantial biography by Edward.B.Lewis.

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Omaha. General information, zoo history, webcam, IMAX theater information, education program summary, and animal photos.