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Toxicology Laboratories Market: is Set to Experience Revolutionary Growth by 2021 - Technical Progress

Technical Progress
Toxicology in the field of biology, chemistry and medicines, deals with the study of adverse effects caused to living organisms due to certain chemicals. Toxicology testing involves detection, identification and also the measurement of approximate ...

Identification and characterization of HIV-specific resident memory CD8 - Science

1Department of Microbiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA. 2Institute for Immunology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA. 3Department of ...

Expert: Need to identify biodiversity hotspots - The Tribune

The Tribune
Dr Shah was addressing the inaugural session of a seminar on “Biodiversity Conservation and its Utilisation” held in Dehradun on Tuesday. He underlined the importance of identification of biodiversity rich hotspots and called for catering to their ...


MIDI, Inc.
United States

Develops microbial identification products for research and diagnostic purposes.

United States

Online textbook for the identification of bacteria. Includes identification keys, a probabilistic identification database, identification methods, media recipes and other ...

Bat Call Identification
United States

C. Ryan Allen is doing research into the ecology of Eastern U.S. bats, particularly into automated echolocation call identification. He ...

United States

Checklists, images, and identification guides for fungi.

United States

Images, checklists, identification keys and maps of Arachnida.

Bamboo Identification

Tools for bamboo recognition, identification, and naming. Information on structure, classification, books, publications.

United States

An interactive Multiple-Entry Key Algorithm to enable rapid identification of biological specimens.

United States

Offers checklists, images, identification guides and maps. Includes references.

What's That Bug?
United States

Information, user-contributed images, and identification help for insects and relatives of North America.

United States

Discover Life provides a photograph of army ants on the move.

United States

Discover Life provides a photograph of an army ant bivouac.

United States

Photograph from Discover Life of several workers tending aphids.

Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification

The Linnaeus II taxonomic content management system supports creating taxonomic databases, computer aided identification keys, interactive biogeographic maps, and literature ...

United States

Information on feeding behavior, habitats, and anatomy of the barracudas with references.

Bacterial Identification

Service for the identification of bacteria and fungi sequences by sequence alignment.

Aroid Identification Center

A worldwide project for identification of submitted photos of plants from the Araceae family.


Interactive identification of leafless twigs and axillary buds. For the trees and shrubs of Ontario.

Bug Identification
United States

An online key to insect identification.

United States

Images and descriptions of Mephitis, Conepatus and Spilogale species.

United States

Much information on the flatworms and the characteristics that distinguish them from other worm-like creatures, with photographs and diagrams.

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