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Hundreds missing after hydroelectric dam collapses in Laos -
Environmental rights groups have raised concerns about Laos' hydropower ambitions for years, including worries over the impact of dams on the Mekong River, its flora and fauna and the rural communities and local economies that depend on it. Image: A ...
ABC News

Artificial neural networks now able to help reveal a brain's structure - Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress
Scientists from Google AI and the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology describe a method based on artificial neural networks that is able to reconstruct entire nerve cells with all their elements and connections almost error-free from image stacks.

Seeing is believing: the need for in vivo imaging in cell therapies - Health Europa

Health Europa
Finally, the imaging of cell therapies is a vast and highly interdisciplinary undertaking. It needs expertise in imaging, imaging hardware, image analysis, patient management, cell therapies, imaging agent development, cell biology, pharmacists ...

Image Gallery

Sunnyvale - United States

Photographs of about twenty species of foraminifera collected from an estuary in the Netherlands.

Reptile Image Gallery
United Kingdom

Small images of snakes, crocodilians, and lizards by Adrian Warren.

Image gallery: Hydra
United States

Includes downloadable video clips of the behavior of a typical hydra extending and contracting.

Pinaceae Image Gallery
United States

Photos of 8 genera.

Taxodiaceae Image Gallery
United States

Images of 5 genera.

Buddlejaceae Image Gallery
United States

Photos of three genera.

Scrophulariaceae Image Gallery
United States

Images of many species.

Angiosperms Image Gallery
United States

Extensive collection, organized by family.

Plant Image Gallery

Features a gallery of plants from all over the world.

United States

Photographs of organisms from Grand Cayman taken by Professor Brad Rence.

Image Gallery: Paramecium portfolio
United States

Some black and white photographs of these organisms, including conjugation and fission, taken by Jim Evarts.