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Evolution of Watching TV - HowStuffWorks

The way we consume traditional media continues to evolve. The age of the DVR ushered in time-shifting viewing habits. But now with services like Sling TV we also have place-shifting opportunities. We talk with Sling TV to learn more. Fredric Brown ...

The anatomy of a Foodie - Capital FM Kenya

Capital FM Kenya
What is a foodie? Someone who simply loves food or likes to share images of it on their social media? According to the Food and Health Survey, a foodie is someone who sacrifices convenience and cost in search of a quality product, particularly one that ...

Visualizing Cell Architecture -
The individual images provide visualization of cell structures separated by at least 200 nanometers. A super-resolution image is developed by fitting the images through a point spread function. The computer algorithm then calculates the centroid of the ...

Image Library from Russell Kightley Media

Canberra - Australia

Scientific Medical Biological stock images. Microbes, viruses, animal and plant cells. Digital illustrations available for license.

Piperaceae Image Library
United States

Over 30 images of Peperomia and Piper species.

National Image Library
United States

Public domain still photographs of wildlife, plants, National Wildlife Refuges, and other scenic images.

DPDx - Parasite Image Library
United States

Parasitic diseases: life cycles, diagnosis, treatment and prevention,from Website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA.

IMB Jena Image Library of Biological Macromolecules

Resource for visualization and analysis of 3D-biopolymer structures; proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and small molecule ligands. Combines experimental and computer generated models, maintained in Germany.

Digital Flora of Texas - Vascular Plant Image Library
United States

Large collection of photographs, arranged by family.

The American Society of Cell Biology's Image & Video Library
United States

the Image & Video Library of The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is a continually growing collection of peer-reviewed cell images, videos, and digitized texts that illustrate the structure, function, and biology of the cell, the fundamental unit of life.

United States

Read how Russell, the wombat, was rescued after his mother was killed by a car, and cared for by volunteers.

Dr. Scott Russell's Botanical Links
United States

Variety of informative, up-to-date, plant-related links from the Univ. of Oklahoma.

Pacific Rim Grizzly Bear Co-Existence Study by Charlie Russell
United States

Offering photos, videos, and reports from Charlie Russell's Grizzly Bear co-existence study. Also offering contribution information and annual goals. Subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates regarding Charlie's latest project.

Biotech Media
United States

Contains glossary of terms. Includes database of products and services with corresponding print materials for purchase or subscription.