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Toxicology tests in Teleka Patrick case reveal 'nothing out of the ordinary' - Mlive Kalamazoo

Mlive Kalamazoo
PORTER, Ind. – Toxicology tests in the Teleka Patrick case turned up "nothing substantial," an Indiana State Police detective said. "There was nothing out of the ordinary," said Detective Sgt. Rick Strong. Strong said he has not seen the final ...
The Republic

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Appoints University of Cincinnati Biochemistry Professor ... - MarketWatch

Currently a fully tenured professor of molecular genetics, biochemistry, and microbiology at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. Dr. Hassett is an award-winning expert on cystic fibrosis, particularly as it relates to infectious ...

PetLife Appoints Initial Executive Management Team - MarketWatch

Post Graduate studies in Molecular Immunology, Genetics and Molecular Biology from University of New Haven, CT; Post-Doctoral Studies in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Research & Development and Regulation from TUFTS University in Boston.

Indiana University Axolotl Colony

Lexington - United States

Provides information on these neotenic amphibia, Ambystoma mexicanum, their incomplete metamorphosis and their care in captivity.

Indiana University Axolotl Colony
United States

Genetic stock center for supply of embryos, larvae, and adults to laboratories and classrooms throughout the United States and abroad. Includes history, news, and personnel.

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) - Department of Biology
United States
Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne - Department of Biology
United States
Indiana University Purdue University Physiology
United States

Masters and Ph.D. programs are offered. Links describe research areas, graduate programs, and local environment.

Indiana University - Department of Biology
United States

General information, news and events, graduate and undergraduate program details, community, and resources.

United States

Information from Wikipedia on this neotenic mole salamander, Ambystoma mexicanum, which fails to complete its metamorphosis but remains permanently in its larval state.

The Axolotl
United Kingdom

Information on this ever-young amphibian able to grow replacement limbs, its relationship with the Aztec people and its endangered status.

Ambystoma mexicanum: Mexican Axolotl
United States

Research project by Britni Osuldsen on this salamander including its classification, habitat, reproduction and adaptations.

Axolotls: The Fascinating Mexican Axolotl and the Tiger Salamander
United States

Offers detailed information about housing and feeding axolotls.

Indiana Chapter
United States

A nonprofit organization educating the public about companion rabbit care, and providing foster homes and placement for homeless rabbits.