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Its underlying biology 'too complicated' for further investment, Atlas-seeded Raze signs off - Endpoints News

Endpoints News
“Although it made intriguing progress, the underlying cancer metabolism biology was too complicated to warrant further investment,” wrote Bruce Booth, partner at Atlas, in a recent portfolio update. Such is life in biotech. Yet a new startup has ...

Initiator Pharma reports positive results from the 28 days toxicology study in mini-pigs for its lead drug candidate ... - NB Herard

NB Herard
Initiator Pharma, a biotech company developing a novel treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), has successfully completed an in vivo 28 days toxicology study in mini-pigs for its drug candidate IPED2015, thus moving the development program forward ...

Creative Diagnostics Launches Flow Cytometry for Immunology Research - Bio-IT World

Bio-IT World
SHIRLEY, NY - Dec 11, 2017 - As a leading supplier of research products and custom services to global academic, pharmaceutical and biotech communities, Creative Diagnostics recently launches flow cytometry for all bio-researchers focusing on scientific ...

Indus Biotech

Pirangut, Pune - India

Indus Biotech is a consumer healthcare products research company headquartered in Pune, India. It was founded in 1997 and focuses on identifying and developing a new generation of consumer healthcare products for Autoimmune, CNS, Infectious and Lifestyle diseases.

Indus Biotech presently has clinically tested and marketed products in exercise physiology and an impressive pipeline of innovative products that are ready-to-launch.

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    Indus Biotech
    Indus Biotech Private Limited is an innovative drug discovery company focused on developing solutions for long-term sustained management of various chronic diseases.


    Healthcare Products

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Lamda Biotech, Inc.
United States

Provides products and services for life science researchers in the fields of molecular biology, functional genomics, proteomics and gene therapy.

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Offers various proteomics products and services including protein identification, protein and peptide characterization, C18 nano columns, custom-packed nano columns.

Azco Biotech, Inc.
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Provide solutions for nucleic acid synthesis and detection, supplying instruments and reagents and servicing sequencers and synthesizers.

Asper Biotech

Offers genotyping equipment and service, resequencing, chip development and coated microarray slides.

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