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Albert Einstein College of Medicine Announces New Chair of Department of ... - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
He has been an excellent mentor to junior faculty within the department of microbiology & immunology and a terrific colleague who is eminently qualified to assume the responsibilities of chairing this superb department,” said Allen M. Spiegel, M.D ...

Proteon Therapeutics (PRTO) Reports Publishing of Positive Nonclinical Results ... - (subscription) (subscription)
"These data published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology support our belief that PRT-201 may have multiple surgical and endovascular applications in addition to our lead application in hemodialysis vascular access," said Timothy Noyes, ...

Biology major James Eaglesham awarded Churchill scholarship - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
James Eaglesham, a biology major with a concentration in microbiology who is set to graduate from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences this May, is heading to Cambridge University as Cornell's newest Churchill scholar. He is one of 14 students ...

Independent mercury testing of 150 homes, schools and parks to begin around ... - The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph
Independent consultants WSP Environmental have been commissioned to conduct testing within a 1.5km radius of the former chlor-alkali plant in Botany Industrial Park. Soil and air sampling is to begin on public land in late January and February 2015 ...

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology Publishes Positive Nonclinical Results ... - Stockhouse

"These data published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology support our belief that PRT-201 may have multiple surgical and endovascular applications in addition to our lead application in hemodialysis vascular access," said Timothy Noyes, ...

Why Are the Feds Abusing Research Animals? - Mother Jones

Mother Jones
What strikes me is the cold, industrial vision of livestock farming embodied by the research center: animals as inert commodities to be manufactured as cheaply as possible, like microchips or screws. Physiology becomes a production process to be hacked ...

The Dead Sea - Santa Barbara Independent

Santa Barbara Independent
The new report finds the scale of modern activity in the world's oceans ramping up to a level comparable to the Industrial Revolution's effect on farms, forests, and mines. “Our tackle box has industrialized,” said lead author of the paper, UCSB marine ...

Industrial Application Of Microbiology

Society for Industrial Microbiology
United States

The Society for industrial microbiology (SIM) is a nonprofit, international association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, especially as ...

Society for Industrial Microbiology
United States

Dedicated to the industrial application of microbiology and biotechnology. Promotes the exchange of scientific information through its meetings and publications, ...

IV International Conference on Environmental

IV International Conference on Environmental, industrial and Applied microbiology (BioMicroWorld2011). BioMicroWorld2011 Conference will be a multi-disciplinary forum that will bring ...

BioMicroWorld2013 International Conference

You are cordially invited to participate and submit abstracts to the V International Conference on Environmental, industrial and Applied microbiology ...

Microbiology Online
United States

Blog with breaking news about microbiology and tutorials in industrial microbiology, targeted to pharmaceutical microbiology labs.


microbiology The Complete Guide. microbiology is a field of biology that deals with minute, invisible living organisms. The principle objective ...

BioMicroWorld 2009

III International Conference on environmental, industrial and applied microbiology to be held at Lisbon, Portugal from 2 to 4 December, ...

International Microbiology

The official Journal of the Spanish Society for microbiology. The fields covered include microorganisms, microbial biology (physiology, ecology, morphology, taxonomy, ...

United States

Details on accreditation and analytical proficiency testing for environmental microbiology labs.

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology (JPAM)

An International Research Journal of microbiology. JPAM strives to provide a forum for worldwide scientific researchers to share findings on ...

Brockport Microbiology
Cayman Islands

Consulting services include method development and validation, wastewater treatment, industrial contamination, bioremediation, indoor air quality, technical training, and technology assessment.

Industrial Biofouling: Detection, Prevention, and Control
United States

industrial Biofouling covers biofouling/biofilms in domestic, industrial and health related fields in which they are a persistent problem.

United States

Software application for use in small-medium clinical or diagnostic microbiology laboratories. Free online version.

Acta Biotechnologica

An interdisciplinary forum for environmental, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, and health care.

Microbiology Books
United Kingdom

Our high level microbiology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art ...

USGS Microbiology
United States

U.S. Geological Survey microbiology efforts span the disciplines and cover many broad research areas, including fish and wildlife health and ...

UAB Department of Microbiology
United States

The faculty of the Department of microbiology carry out multi-disciplinary research programs in microbial genetics, pathogenesis, immunology, and virology. The ...

Biofin Laboratories

Fermentation technology, strain improvement, industrial fermentation and biotechnology. Biofin Laboratories is an Italian company involved in fermentation technology, semi-synthesis technologies ...

Society for General Microbiology (SGM)
United Kingdom

The Society for General microbiology (SGM) is a membership organization for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology. It ...

United Kingdom

The Society is interested in all anaerobic microbiology research, from any environment. Membership is open to anyone with an interest ...

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