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Type 2 immunity: Expanding our view - Science

The classical vision of type 2 immune reactions is that they are characterized by a distinct cellular and cytokine repertoire that is critical for host resistance against helminthic worm infections but, when dysregulated, may cause atopic reactions ...

6 unlikely factors that can scar your memory - TheHealthSite

A study named 'Disrupted spatial memory is a consequence of picornavirus infection' published in the journal, 'Neurobiology of Disease' concluded that a group of viruses including those responsible for common cold, flu, diarrhoea may hamper memory ...

SIU announces REACH grants and Tedrick Fellows for undergraduate research - SIU News

SIU News
Afton Lawver, a senior in physiology, for “Modulation of Bone Marrow Functions During Salmonella typhimurium Infection.” Lawver's faculty mentor is Vjollca Konjufca, associate professor of microbiology. Lawver's student partner is Piotr Baranski, a ...

Infection and Immunity

Stanford - United States

American Society for Microbiology journal covering all aspects of infectious disease plus clinical immunology


Cell Press Journal providing large-scale peer-reviewed immunology research articles. Archives of abstracts and tables of contents available to all.

Innate Immunity
United States

Peer reviewed scholarly journal, formerly published as the Journal of Endotoxin Research. Provides information on the Society, the aims and scope of the journal, submissions, advertising and the archives.

United Kingdom

Research establishment in the University of Nottingham, UK. Aims to understand the molecular lifestyle of bacterial pathogens by applying molecular genetics to characterise virulence factors, and to gain insights into their regulation and interaction with host cells and tissues.


A listing of Drosophila genes involved in the immune response.

Laboratory of Regulatory Mechanisms in Immunity
Russian Federation

Introduction to projects, publications list and related links from Moscow, Russia.

On-Line Biology Book: Lymphatic System and Immunity
United States

Describes the system's fuctions which include the absorbtion of excess fluid and its return to the blood stream, absorption of fat, and the immune system function.

Journal of Infection

Publishes original papers on all aspects of infection, clinical, microbiological, epidemiological and molecular. Aims to bring together the best work in this field. Tables of contents and abstracts available to all. Full text requires a subscription. From the British Infection Society.

Infection, Genetics and Evolution

This journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases (MEEGID) is a peer-reviewed journal, affiliated to the successful MEEGID congresses and society.

United Kingdom

Monthly journal publishes original articles in the field of hospital-acquired infection and related subjects. Abstracts available to all. Full texts require a subscription. From the Hospital Infection Society.

Norwalk Virus Infection

Facts about the intestinal illness that often occurs in outbreaks.