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2018 Litchfield Summer Gifted Academy - Hands On Zoology -
Claire Osborn (left) and Kiersten Stangle examine preserved brown recluse and black widow spiders in Hands on Zoology. The class also got to use dissection microscopes from Blackburn College to get a better look at insects, pond water and specimens ...

How CSIRO researchers are tracking the evolution of Australian insects - The Canberra Times

The Canberra Times
In news likely to disappoint Jurassic Park fans heading to the latest film in the series, scientists are no closer to extracting DNA from fossils preserved in amber. But that hasn't stopped researchers at the CSIRO's Black Mountain headquarters from ...

Working for a sweet reward, promoting biodiversity - Sun.Star

Indeed, working with the bees may seem uncommon but like the hardworking insects, anyone could reap a sweet reward by simply taking care of them as friends that produce bee products while playing a significant role towards food security and biodiversity.

Celebrate our native flowers, insects, animals and birds in National Biodiversity Week - Irish Times

Irish Times
National Biodiversity Week, which ends this weekend is a celebration of Ireland's native flowers, trees, insects, animals and birds. Environmentalist Eanna Ni Lamhna says it infuriates her when people say “biodiversity” is hard to understand. She says ...


Wikipedia: Phasmatodea (Stick Insects)
United States

User-generated article about the order of insects whose members are variously known as stick insects, ghost insects, and leaf insects. ...

Thailand's Amazing Insects
United States

Photographs from the forests near Chiang Mai, sounds, articles, edible insects, Thai attitudes to insects, insects in Thai proverbs and ...

Phasmatodea: Stick Insects and Leaf Insects

The characteristics of these insects, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.

Insects of Alberta
United States

Photo gallery of insects found in Alberta, Canada by R. Bercha.

Welcome to my World: Insects
United States

Student created and maintained website on insects and bugs. An attempt to identify and record all the insects found in ...

Leaf and Stick Insects or Phasmids
United States

Fact sheet for the Order Phasmatodea which includes those insect species that eat leaves and resemble leaves or sticks. Features ...

bugbios: shameless promotion of insect appreciation
United States

Aims to help us really see insects for the miniature marvels that they are and to understand how intertwined our ...

United States

Image galleries of butterflies, odonates, other insects, and other arthropods from Texas.

The Social Insects Web
United States

Study of eusocial insects, primarily the order hymenoptera.

Household Insects
United States

Identifies particular insects. From the Entomology Department at Clemson University.

Common Insects of Texas
United States

Gallery of 381 images of insects and other arthropods.

Cedric's Insects

Includes a list and photos of the mantids, beetles, and stick insects he's cared for.

Brisbane Insects and Spiders

Photos and notes on insects and spiders in Brisbane, Australia.

About Insects

Information about Australian insects from CSIRO Entomology. Includes fact sheets and other educational materials.

United States

VRML insects from the Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech.

3-D Insects
United States

Virtual reality illustrations of various insects and arachnids.

Wonderful World of Insects, The
United States

Offers information on insects, the most successful life forms on the planet. Find out about bug anatomy, classification and taxonomy, ...

Using Live Insects
United States

Full curriculum resources for incorporating insects into elementary classrooms. Includes care instructions, cross-curricular lesson plans, and links.

How to Collect and Display Insects
United States

Information on where to find, how to collect and how to preserve insects for an insect collection. Includes video instruction ...

International Union for the Study of Social Insects

This society is dedicated to facilitating communication among social insect researchers worldwide.

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