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Molecular Biology Global Market Evolving Technology Trends and ... - Healthcare Trends

Healthcare Trends
The ”Molecular Biology Market ” Report provides a complete decision-making overview including definition, product specifications, market gains, key geographic regions and imminent Molecular Biology industry peers for 2017-2023. Molecular Biology Market ...

Decreased oxygen levels could present hidden threat to marine species - Science Daily

Science Daily
Lecturer in Marine Molecular Biology Dr Manuela Truebano and Professor in Marine Zoology John Spicer, from the University's Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre, led the study with contribution from students from the Marine Biology programmes. Dr ...

Günter Blobel Solved a Mystery of Cell Biology: How Proteins Navigate the Body - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
It was “one of the great experiments in the history of biology,” said James Rothman, chairman of the department of cell biology at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Blobel's Nobel Prize came with an award equivalent to about $960,000. He donated it for ...

Interactive Biology Encyclopedia

San Diego, California - United States

The Interactive Biology Encyclopedia is your concise guide to living things, from animals and plants to biological terms and important concepts in the biological sciences. Whether you are a student or just interested in the world around you, explore nature in this easy to use and informative iPad friendly web site, with text, photos and illustrations.

Interactive Biochemistry
United States

Interactive tutorials on amino acid titration behavior, Phi and Psi angles, protein structures, and enzyme kinetics. Includes subject links.

An Interactive Rotifer
United States

Information on the sessile rotifer Collotheca with an interesting mouse-over image.

United States

Celebrates the discovery of the DNA structure. The site features video interviews and 3D molecular animations addressing DNA code, manipulation, and genome projects.

Interactive Blast Query
United States

Utility for online manipulation of Blast results. Results organized in a table format.

BBC: Interactive Body
United Kingdom

Drag and drop different organs, muscles, the skeleton, and nervous system.

Virtual Quarry Interactive
United Kingdom

Examines the ecological impact of quarrying, and how quarries can be made sustainable by returning the depleted quarry to a natural habitat

INCA - INteractive Codon Analysis

Windows software that computes and charts codon and amino acid frequencies in whole genomes. Produces fully customizable scatter plots with the possibility to export graphics or text files for further analysis. Free for academic users.

3I - Internet-accessible Interactive Identification
United States

Program to create internet-accessible interactive taxonomic keys.

Interactive Honey Bee Worker
United States

Diagram of a honey bee and downloadable images of the different body parts.

United States

Includes full text of "A Guide to the identification of willows in Alaska, the Yukon Territory and adjacent regions" by George W. Argus. [PDF]