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International Association of Who's Who - (press release) (press release)
London, United Kingdom, June 20, 2018 --( Dr. Roger Morris has over two decades of experience in Molecular Neurobiology and has since been named by International Association of Top Professionals as “Top Professor of The Year” 2016/2017.

Michigan Physiological Society meets at Michigan Tech -
(WLUC) - Michigan Tech hosts the fifth annual meeting of the Michigan Physiological Society. It kicked off June 13 with the Michigan Physiology Quiz. Five student teams competed, answering a variety of physiology questions in Jeopardy format. The week ...

Black men are left out of cancer trials because of their biology - New Scientist

New Scientist
Yet black men are less likely to be included in clinical trials of drugs for the disease – and accidental biases against their biology seem to be partly to blame. Speaking at a meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology in Chicago this month ...

International Society for Plastination (ISP)

San Antonio, Texas - United States

The International Society for Plastination was founded in 1986 during the Third International Conference on Plastination held in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. by Harmon Bickley , Ph.D. who served as the Executive Director from 1986-1995. The International Society for Plastination is a multidisciplinary organization, including people within all fields of science interested in the technique of Plastination. Plastination refers to the use of polymers to infiltrate and preserve any material for teaching, research or diagnostic purposes.

The purpose of the Society, as contained in the Letters Patent shall be:
1. To provide for and maintain an International Association for individuals and institutions who perform Plastination techniques, or are interested in Plastination preservation methods;
2. To serve as a forum for the exchange of information about Plastination;
3. To define Plastination as a specialty area of professional activity, to encourage other institutions to adopt Plastination preservation methods, and to invite individuals to learn and practice Plastination as a career in the sciences;
4. To publish the Journal of the International Society for Plastination on a regular basis;
5. To hold regular meetings, workshops and conferences to promote and teach the techniques of Plastination;
6. To maintain a record of member institutions and individuals performing Plastination, their particular specialty, and others interested in Plastination.

International Phycological Society

Provides information on the Society, awards, the congresses, membership and journal.

International Peat Society

A non-governmental and a non-profit-making organisation aimed at fostering the study of peatlands, mires and peat. Membership, national committees, events and news.

International Society for Anthrozoology
United States

Promotes studies of human-animal relationships through published research, meetings and disseminated data.

International Society for Neuroethology
United States

ISN offers a platform for information and discussion in neuroethology, the field that describes the world of animal behavior in terms of how the nervous system works.

The International Cytokine Society

Provides membership details, conference calendar, newsletters and resources.

International Mycorrhiza Society

Includes membership details, meetings, news, job opportunities, and publications.

International Society for Neurochemistry
United Kingdom

Information on publications and links to all of the world's neurochemistry societies.

International Society on Toxinology

Advance knowledge of the properties of toxins and antitoxins and to bring together scholars interested in these substances through a common society.

International Society for Arachnology
United States

Devoted to the study of all arachnid orders except the Acari. Fosters communication among arachnologists.

International Society of Hymenopterists
United States

Aims to encourage scientific research and promote the diffusion of knowledge about sawflies, bees, ants and wasps. Provides information on the Society, meetings, members and the Journal of Hymenoptera Research.