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Michelle Wolf Spits Comedy With a Side of Biochemistry in 'Vogue' Interview - Inverse

Posted on Tuesday, “73 Questions with Michelle Wolf” ultimately leads the unseen interviewer to ask her to tell him “something biochemical I most likely will not understand.” She quickly cracks back that, “Did you know that molecular dynamics can be ...

Ghost Dolls and Swimming Pigs: The Strangest Islands in the World - Sputnik International

Sputnik International
Some remote islands are almost a world unto themselves, thus it is not surprising that they are home to such unusual forms of life, with flora and fauna that could not exist anywhere else on Earth. Take a look at the world's most mysterious islands in ...

Life in the fast lane: Ecologists say dispersal ability linked to plants' life cycles - Phys.Org

To that end, Beckman, with colleagues James Bullock of the United Kingdom's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and Rob Salguero-Gómez of the University of Oxford, used the massive COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database, an online repository containing ...

Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth

Arlington - United States

PBS site offering an introduction to microbes, an integral ingredient in our planet's ecosystem.

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    Microbiology - Microorganisms

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    Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth
    This four-part series brings to light the dazzlingly beautiful microbes that support Earth?s natural environment. The highly visual series examines how microbes promote health and cause illness in humans, clean up toxic residues, provide clues to unraveling the mysteries of the genetic code and may be the secret weapon against future famine and disease.


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Life Through Geologic Time: A Pictorial History of Life on Earth
United States

Provides a pictorial look at the geologic time scale, beginning with the Precambrian through the Holocene.

Earth Life Web
United States

Facts and explanations about insects and birds categorized by groups.

PBS: Life Beyond Earth
United States

Companion site to the Timothy Ferris film includes resources for the questions, are we alone and is anybody listening.

Evolution of Life on the Earth, The
United States

Scientific American article by Stephen Jay Gould.

Palaeos: The Trace of Life on Earth
United States

Dedicated to providing detailed information on the history of life on Earth. Addresses palaeontology, evolution, geochronology, systematics, and ecology.

United States

Advocates knowledge building, conservation, and wise use of biodiversity resources, the driving force in sustaining the Earth's life-supporting systems.

Division on Earth & Life Studies
United States

The National Academy of Sciences is a non-governmental, non-profit organization chartered by the US Congress in 1863 at the request of President Lincoln. The Academy has two missions: to honor the nations top scientists, engineers, and health professionals with membership, and to serve the nation with independent, expert advice. The Division on Earth & Life Studies is one of six subject area divisions that enlist the nation's top experts to resp

Tiny Fossils may be Earth's Oldest Life
United Kingdom

Article from the New Scientist on studies by William Schopf of UCLA of certain ancient Australian rocks using a technique called laser Raman analysis.

National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) Division on Earth and Life Sciences
United States

Advancing the life sciences and applying science to analysis and alleviation national problems. Site has information on and reports from NAS boards on Biology, Environmental Studies and Toxicology, and Radiation Effects Research, and the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research.

The Mighty Mite: An Unseen Predator
United States

Characteristics and biology of the bird mites Demanyssus Gallinae and Ornithonyssus Sylviarum.